ATEX Approved Fall Arrest Height Safety Harnesses

Quick Ref: CN-1822

A very rare product group offered by LiftingSafety. We offer Atex fall arrest harnesses for those working at height in hazardous areas where explosive gas or dust is present such as the oil and gas industry, or petrochemical industry. These fall arrest harnesses are manufactured by Miller and by Sala who are both top quality height safety manufacturers. Both are 2 pot harnesses meaning that they have fall arrest anchorage points on the back and the chest. 

ATEX Approved Fall Arrest Height Safety Harnesses

SALA 2 Point Exo-Fit ATEX Explosion Proof Harness. Front and rear Anchorage Points with Quick Connect Buckles. Conforms to EN361

SALA ExoFit ATEX Harness is designed for use by persons requiring the additional protection of equipment for use in a potentially explosive atmosphere, such as the oil and gas industry, or petrochemical industry. It is equipped with a front and rear fall arrest attachment. The back/shoulder pad always keeps the form of the harness, meaning no knots or tangles. Available in sizes S, M and L.

Miller anti-static harness for explosive environments. spark resistant feature used In the petrochemicals industry.

Miller's ATEX Harness is the perfect solution for work at height in explosive atmospheres. It is particularly suitable for petrochemical, gas, chemical and mining environments. The anti-static material prevents the risks of an electrostatic discharge igniting the explosive atmosphere thus allowing the user to work in complete safety in these high-risk environments. The detachable dorsal pad facilitates harness donning and prevents the entanglement of the straps. Available in sizes S/M and L/XL.

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