Fall Arrest Jacket Hi Vis Harnesses (Vest Harness)

Quick Ref: CN-1511

This category is for fall arrest harnesses of all types fitted with a jacket. Having a jacket fitted to a harness makes the harness very easy and quick to put on/take off though is also very practicable having pockets to store tools and equipment. Putting equipment into pockets guards against it falling on to others working below. Jacket harnesses are available made from very bright colours know as high-visibility harnesses, usually bright yellow or orange as used in the rail industry. The other key advantage of a jacket or high-visibility harness is the protection provided to the harness against wear and tear, contamination, dirt, chemicals, UV (sun light) etc.... Jacket harnesses (Black and high-visibility harnesses) are often used by persons who need the practical element of the jacket to carry out their normal work duties and occasionally work at height or switch between both many times during the day.

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