Rack and Pinion Jacks

Quick Ref: CN-1378
Rack and Pinion Jacks

Sluice gate jack. Only one jack is closing and opening the shutter in such a way – the Sluice gate jack SCH-W – the reliable one among the tested products. This is guaranteed by the spur gear with formed gearwheels, precisely milled crank gear, crank gear, medium and rack pinions… but unique: only Pfaff-silberblau has developed a spring-loaded safety crank which safely provides permanent pressure when required.
Spring operated load pressure brake is silent and weather resistant. Cast aluminium crank with folding handle. Spring operated load pressure brake is silent in operation and weather-resistant, no ratchet required. 250mm radius for use on jacks up to 5000kgs capacity.
Suitable for indoor applications, two versions available This crank is used with a double acting pawl assembly and is suitable for indoor applications. The crank is of cast steel with folding handle and incorporates two conical nylon or brass brake discs, dependant on duty, which act as a friction brake. Two versions are available both with 17mm square hole.
Short ratchet type crank ideal for confined spaces. Similar to the SIKU crank this unit has a selector unit which allows either the raise or lower positions to be selected. The crank can either be turned through 3600 (as the SIKU crank) or operated in short ratchet type movements which is especially suited for use in confined spaces.
Wall-mounted rack and pinion jacks are used for lifting, lowering, pulling and pushing of loads. Various lift heights.

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