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Pfaff Silberblau RAKU Safety Ratchet Crank - 17mm square hole.

Model:  PSSRC-3252

Pfaff RAKU Crank
Pfaff RAKU Crank
Part N° Model Sqaure drive (mm) Crank Length (mm) Unit Price Quantity
3252-T20573 RAKU 17mm 250mm £  180.00
3252-T21187 RAKU 17mm 300mm £  268.00
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Short ratchet type crank ideal for confined spaces.

Similar to the SIKU crank this unit has a selector unit which allows either the raise or lower positions to be selected. The crank can either be turned through 3600 (as the SIKU crank) or operated in short ratchet type movements which is especially suited for use in confined spaces.

Features Include:

  • The load is securely held at every height.
  • Lift by moving the ratchet upwards and downwards.
  • Adjust the lifting or lowering movement by moving a lever.
  • With folding handle.
Pfaff RAKU Crank

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