Mobile Lifting Gantries Painted Carbon Steel

Quick Ref: CN-513
Custom Built Steel Gantries made to Your Specification.

Most of the steel portable lifting gantries that we sell are manufactured by LiftingSafety to our customers specification, height of lift, width and capacity (safe working load SWL). Our carbon steel gantries are usually painted though we can also offer galvanized, ideal if the customer needs both durability and corrosion resistance. Our lifting gantries can be supplied Inner braced (Internal diagonal brace that reduces the trolley travel), Outer braced (External diagonal braces that allow full length trolley travel) and Inner braced with full trolley travel - similar to the first option without reduction in lifting area.  We also sell the Verlinde Eurosystem range of lightweight portable lifting gantries. All our portable gantries can be supplied with lifting hoists to suit our customers’ requirements, manual, electric or pneumatic. 

We have a large selection of standard mobile 'A' frame lifting gantries though have the facilities to be able to make specials to suit our customers specification, with bespoke safe working loads and sizes. Our gantries are a mobile piece of lifting equipment, in effect a small mobile crane with many applications though mainly used for workshop maintenance.


I Profile Carbon Steel Mobile Gantry Built to Specification and Potentially Moveable Under Load. I Profile Mobile Gantry’s Built to our customers specification, optional as Bespoke potentially Moveable Under Load, made from carbon steel. We offer three main styles of Mobile gantries: Inner braced - decreases the amount of usable trolley travel / lifting area, Outer braced - gives full width trolley travel though increases the overall width of the gantry and Inner braced with full trolley travel - similar to the first option without reduction in lifting area. Manual mobile gantry cranes are mobile fitted with castors (on wheels) for indoor or outdoor use, painted of galvanised. Painting is 2 layers paint system. Yellow RAL.1028 or to your specification. These gantry's crane can be mobile even under load on a clean floor though subject to user method statement and risk assessment.

Mobile Gantry with 2m to 5m Span and 2m to 3.5m Clearance, Not Moveable Underload.

Portable C-Profile Gantry - Not Moveable with load. Manual gantry cranes are mobile on wheels for indoor service. THESE GANTRY CRANES ARE NOT MOBILE EVEN UNDER LOAD. Options for 2 metre, 3 metre, 4 metre or 5 metre span. 2 metre, 2.5 metre, 3 metre and 3.5 metre under beam clearance. 500kg, 1000kg, 1600kg and 2000kg SWL capacities. The main features are: Run away made of C Profile (eurosystem), Push travel trolley for hook suspended hoist, Wheels in white polymid upto 2 tons and polyurethane from 3.2 tons, Painting: 2 layers paint system. Yellow RAL.1028, Maximum electric travelling speed: 10 m/min.

We can supply lifting gantries with many options:

  • Design options, inner braced, outer braced, over braced and inner braced with full trolley travel.
  • Lifting gantry Physical size and lifting capacity to customers requirements
  • Gantries made for intensive heavy duty use or for less demanding applications
  • Supplied complete with lifting equipment, manual or electric (or pneumatic) tailored to suit your working environment.
  • Wide choice of special castors including anti sparking.
  • Braked and directional locking castors.
  • Lifting and levelling jacks.
  • Special paining systems for indoor and outdoor use, including marine specification paint.
  • Galvanised steel constriction for aggressive environments..
  • Hoist parking shelter for additional weather protection.
  • Power supply systems to suit our customers individual requirements.
  • Power travel options (electric power driven).

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