Genie Industries Materials Handling Equipment

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The complete range of Genie materials handling solutions offered at very reasonable prices.

We are authorised dealers and distributors for Genie Industries and leading suppliers Genie Material handling equipment including the Genie Load Lifter and Genie materials lifter for smaller applications and the Genie Superlift Advantage SLA, the Superlift Contractor SLC and the counterbalanced SLK for lifting applications up to 454kg SWL and a lifting height of up to 7.9 metre; all the Genie materials lifting equipment is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The original Genie Hoist in was first introduced in 1966 and since then Genie Industries has been continually developing lifting equipment products for the work place. Genie makes top quality lightweight, cost effective material, totally portable with a massive variety of applications. It is the design, durability, quality and spare parts availability over many years that sets the Genie materials handling equipment apart from the copies that followed. They are possibly a little more costly to buy though it does work out cheaper over time in respect to lifetime savings. All Genie material handling equipment is quickly set-up ready to work and provides a one person set up & operation; in most cases they can be transported in many small light commercial vehicles. 

In our online Genie Materials handing section we offer a wide variety of options and accessories make them extremely adaptable to fit your specific needs including a working platform (table), lifting hook or forks, boom, brakes, pipe cradle and stabilizers. They are portable, compact and can be set up in seconds, no tools required with a choice of castors to suit our customer’s environment. Genie materials handling equipment has optional standard Base, straddle Base or counterweight Base. Many thanks for visiting this lifting equipment category; we look forward to receiving your enquiry.

Genie Industries Materials Handling Equipment

Genie Load Lifter Combination sack truck and lifter at 91kg (200lb) capacity.
Genie-Lift™ materials lifts. Base types are standard, straddle or counterbalance. Options: Genie Model (GL4, GL8, G10 or GL12), Base Type (Standard, Straddle or Counterbalance), Castor Options (Standard, Pneumatic or Swivel - Straddle Base Only), Winch Type (Standard - Manual or Electric Winch), Fork Options (Standard Forks, Load Platform or Boom).
Genie Superlift Advantage.

Options available on Genie Superlifts: Model - SLA5, SLA10, SLA15, SLA20 or SLA25, Base Type - Standard or Straddle, Optional Extras, which includes Adjustable Forks, Boom, Flat Forks, Pipe Cradle, Rough Terrain Wheels, Load Platform and Fork Extensions
It also lifts up to 1,000 lbs (454 kg) of material up to 11 ft 5.5 in (3.49 m) and up to 650 lbs (295 kg) to heights of up to 26 ft .5 in (7.94 m). With so many choices, the versatile Genie® Superlift Advantage® helps you maximize productivity and value for your money.

Genie with Counter Weights.

This equipment allows an installation directly at a wall. Many available compatible load handling attachments : Standard load forks, Adjustable forks, Pipe cradle, Crane boom, Falt forks, Load platform for heavy duty, Vakuum-lifting equipment for working overhead and battery powered lift for glazing and converting of insulation panel.

Genie Superlift Advantage Adjustable Forks Accessory.

These forks may be inverted to add an additional 52cm (20") of lifting height. This is ideal for odd sized loads.

Genie Superlift Advantage Pipe Cradle Accessory.
Boom / Jib Accessory for use with a Genie Lift (GL) range. Not to suit the Genie SLA range.

This turns your genie lift into a vertical crane or hoist.

Genie Superlift Advantage (SLA) Boom Attachment. Not to suit Genie GL range.

This transforms the super lift into a vertical crane or hoist. Positions tooling fixtures, hoists circuit breakers, engines etc.

Genie Lift Platform Attachment for use with the GL range.

This simply fits over the genie lifts forks to form a safe platform. No tools required.

Genie Superlift Advantage Load Platform Attachment.
Genie Lift (GL) 4 Point Swivel Castors.
Genie 25.4cm Pneumatic Rear Tyres & 6.4cm front swivel castors Accessory (Genie GL)

This is highly recommended for construction site applications.

Genie Lift Ladder Accessory for use with GL range only.

This is a sturdy aluminium ladder for standard and straddle based options, cannot be used with electric winch fitted.

Genie Superlift Advantage Flat Forks Attachment.

These are made of a strong aluminium construction designed for standard pallets. Providing an inexpensive alternative to forklifts for material lifting and transportation.

Genie Superlift Advantage Stabliser Set for SLA5, SLA10 or SLA15.

This patented locking system provides additional lateral support for heavy loads, this is NOT available for straddle base.

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