Pallet Trucks, Hand Operated Pump Trucks with Special Features

Quick Ref: CN-1433
Pallet Trucks, Hand Operated Pump Trucks with Special Features

Pfaff Silberblau HU 25-115 FBTP pallet truck with service and parking brake and Forks 1150mm x 540mm. Suitable for use on inclines and approach ramps where the pallet truck must be immediately brought to a safe standstill before the load becomes a danger! In order to meet these high demands, the standard-type of our PROLINE is equipped with an efficient brake which is integrated into special aluminium wheel hub. This brake works like the standard drum brake on your car: control is progressively activated by pulling the brake lever mounted on the steering handle. The chassis is equipped with steering wheels made of rubber and has tandem load wheels made of polyurethane.
Pfaff silverline pallet truck. Ideal for transporting special wide pallets. The Pfaff Silberblau Silverline hand pallet truck offers a fork width of 850mm and safe working loads of upto 2 metric tonnes.
Pfaff Silberblau HU 15-115 FTP pallet truck with low profile forks ideal for very flat pallets. An especially low-profile design, this low pallet truck requires only minimal space when being moved up to very flat pallets. This highly manouverable standard pallet truck is available in a tandem version with convenient fork rollers made of polyamide and steering rollers made of polyurethane. Notable among its many outstanding features are, firstly, its suitability for use on sensitive floor coverings and, secondly, its quietness when moving.
Pfaff Silberblau quick lift pallet truck, forks 1150mm x 540mm. Wherever saving time during lifting and transporting loads means saving money you can rely on our PROLINE with quick lift to lift loads weighing up to 200 kg quickly. In contrast with standard pallet trucks, the quick lift reaches 200 mm fork height with only 4 handle strokes – and a pallet can be lifted and transported with only 2 strokes. When the load is heavier than 200 kg the quick lift is automatically cut off – lifting is then performed in the traditional, effort-saving way. The truck is fitted as standard with  steering wheels made of steel and polyurethane tandem load wheels.
Pfaff 'EGU 15N' Electric Drive and Manual Lift Hand Pallet Truck. 1500kg Capacity, 1150mm Fork Length
Pfaff 'EGU PS' Electric Drive and Electric Lift Heavy Duty Pallet Trucks. Optional Lifting Capacities from 1.4t to 2.2t

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