Turnbuckles & Rigging Screws for Lifting, Holding And Tensioning

Quick Ref: CN-1390

We offer rigging screws and turnbuckles in a great range of sizes (Dimensions) and capacities with a choice of end fittings; they are designed to tension and hold in place a wire line, (wire rope) or other piece of equipment. Rigging screws / turnbuckles are also used for lifting applications though before using to lift with please check with the operation and used manual to ensure that they are certified for lifting; the reason being that many manufacturers only certify for pulling applications. We offer closed body and open body versions. A turnbuckle can be adjusted when under load to pull two items together or to tension / loosen. They can also be used to take slack out a system if there is any movement or stretch over time. The lock nuts will hold maintain the bearing to bearing when in use that can otherwise creep / slacken due to vibration and other reasons. Standard turnbuckles go up to 34 tonne though specials are available to meet our customers’ requirements. Each range come is different lengths so that dependant on the safe working load that you need and so there should always be an option with the correct amount of adjustment. (Often referred to a take-up) to suit our customers' needs. Option end terminations are: hook & hook, hook & eye, eye & eye, Jaw & eye and Jaw and jaw. We make specials from stainless steel and have many more products due to be listed online in the near future. Thank you for looking.

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