Portable Mobile Swing Jib Cranes

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We have a Portable Swing Jib Crane for nearly every application, please browse our comprehensive range below.

This category is for mobile, portable swing jib cranes, meaning that the cranes can be relocated by means of a for lift truck, overhead crane or in some cases by pulling on castors fitted to the jib. The mobile jib cranes are not fixed (bolted) to the floor; instead they use counterbalance weight to support the lifted load at the hook. Counterbalanced weight lifting cranes can be used when the floor conditions are not suitable for a traditional jib crane to be installed or when supporting steelwork is not of sufficient strength; such as vertical RSJ's in a building or workshop. They are also often used when one crane is used to service many processes.

A portable swing jib crane is not permanently fixed to the floor or any other supporting structure. They support the load with integrated counterbalance weights. We offer standard OEM equipment or can manufacture / modify to suit our customers bespoke requirements. Generally this style of swing jib crane is available up to 1000kg capacity, it is not practical to make at a greater capacity as the nett weight of the crane will be so great that it loses its portability, becoming too heavy to move from one location to another.

Portable Mobile Swing Jib Cranes

Mobile Pillar Jib Crane with optional hand transport trolley.

Advantages of this mobile jib crane are that it is ready for use right away wherever it is needed and can be transported by bridge crane, fork lift truck or trolley. This portable jib crane is ideal for use in rented buildings as no damage is caused to the floor as there would be when installing a conventional jib crane. Extremely stable, the cranes are designed for easy operation. Suspension points can be installed for lifting with a crane or fork lift truck. Available in 125kg, 250kg, 315kg, 400kg and 500kg.

Mobile Swing Jib Crane with Underbraced, suitable for low headroom application.

The under braced design on this portable swing jib crane is a lower overall height than the over-braced cranes and this means that it is particularly suitable for lifting applications with restricted headroom. Available in 125kg, 250kg and 500kg with different lengths of span.

Portable Swing Jib Crane with built-in counterbalance weight.

All the same features as the above crane with 'H' beam version though supplied with a light weight 'C' profile track (lifting beam). All these portable swing jib cranes offer a slight variation on the same theme - portability! Having the convenience of a swing jib with the unique ability to be able to move its location with the use of a fork truck or overhead crane. Available in 125kg, 250kg and 500kg each can come with different spans.

Portable Swing Jib Crane with Overbraced arm with integrated counterbalanced weight. The H-section transportable jib cranes are available as 125kg, 250kg or 500kg SWL, the standard height is 3m under the beam but can be supplied up to 4 metres maximum. Jib features include: delivered with counterweight and 4 adjustable jacks, polyurethane painting RAL. 1028 on a shot-blast structure, paint guaranteed for 24 months according to Re3. Frame structure: FEM 2m.          
Counter-weight davits arms for portable lifting applications (modular knock down design) This is a truly portable swing jib crane that requires no floor penetration. The davit is completely free standing and portable. The free standing davit is manufactured in easy to handle component parts providing the ability to transport and erect quickly and safely. Originally designed for building maintenance there are many other potential uses where portability is required or where penetration of the roof / floor is not practical or too costly.
Socket Mounted Swing Jib Crane complete with socket. Top quality made in the UK

This is ideal for machinery workshops, where many sockets can be used, and the same crane can be transported from one workstation to the other. Has a full rotation of 360 degrees, very high quality hydraulic system with chrome plating on the ram and pump. Available in 500kg and 1000kg and with sockets only.

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