LiftingSafety Tool Spring Balancers

Quick Ref: CN-1474


Tool Spring Balancers, 3 options to choose from.

These tool balancers are rugged construction with cast aluminium body and stainless steel cable. The load range is adjustable with auxiliary safety suspension. They can be supplied with an adjustable stroke limiting device and the cable guide in anti-friction material.

Available in Capacities of : 0.4kg-1kg, 1kg-2kg, 2kg-3kg.

Tool Spring Balancers, 4 options to choose from.

This is a small range of quality Western European manufactured spring balancers that are cost effective and reliable.

Available in Capacities of 1kg-2.5kg, 2kg-4kg, 4kg-6kg, 6kg-8kg.

Tool Spring Balancers.

These are some features of this tool spring balancer : Rugged construction, cast aluminium body, Stainless steel cable, Adjustable capacity, Auxiliary safety suspension, Adjustable stroke limiting device.

Available in Capacities : 2kg-4kg, 4kg-6kg, 6kg-8kg, 8kg-10kg, 10kg-14kg.

Tool Spring Balancers with aluminium body and stainless steel cable.

Heavy Duty Tool Spring Balancers. With optional locking device and swivel load hook.

Hose Balancers work like tool balancers, reeved with pneumatic / air hose.

Rugged construction, cast aluminium body. Polyurethane Hose. Max Air Pressure: 8 Bar. Adjustable capacity and auxiliary safety suspension with adjustable stroke limiting device and inert spring drum assembly. Polyamides thimble with a Max Working Temperature 50 degrees C.

Available Capacities are : 0.4kg-0.8kg, 0.75kg-1.5kg, 1.2kg-2.5kg(1350mm Rope Length). 3.0kg-5.0kg(900mm Rope Length).

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