Fall Arrest Systems & Man-riding Equipment

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Some products are standard as supplied direct from the manufacturers though we also have the ability to design and manufacture Special Bespoke items such as Davit Arms, Tripods and Gantries. Our range of fall arrest davit arms is exceptional and a more all-inclusive range than offered by any of our competitors. There is a vast range that we design and manufacture to meet with our customers’ requirements. It’s a very similar situation with our lightweight aluminium man-riding gantries. Fall arrest equipment Systems and Man-Riding Equipment in this category is sub divided into product types so that the customer can quickly find to compare before deciding on the most appropriate solution. Complete fall arrest systems that are permanently installed, fall arrest lifelines and individual components / products are all in this group of equipment, some manually operated and others having electric hoists. Please contact us is you have a unique requirement!  Let us know if you cannot see a solution to your working at height problem as we have many new products waiting to be listed online.

Fall Arrest Systems & Man-riding Equipment

Fall Arrest Davit Arms & Posts for Working at Height

LiftingSafety offer Davits made to our customers specification manufactured from galvanised steel, stainless steel or from lightweight aluminium. We offer two main designs of lightweight portable davit arms for working at height applications, 'Lean Over' type davits and 'Vertical Pole' type davits. The vertical pole davits are usually supplied with a split vertical pole with male / female socket to make manual handling easier. They are suited to applications where there is an obstruction which must be worked around (like over a handrail). Because the unit is relatively compact, it offers an excellent solution for a confined space or restricted access environment. Many of our customers from the offshore oil and gas industries utilise our davits in either aluminium or stainless steel as the working environment demands. Stainless steel lifting davit arms are utilised by food production industries, where stringent regulations must be adhered to with regard to cleanliness. All of our special davit arm jib cranes can be manufactured to our customers specification (height of lift and reach) and are designed for the lifting of people (man-riding application). 

Sala Advanced Davit Arms Systems - Massive Range!

Sala advanced davit systems confined space access and rescue systems are probable one of the most versatile modular systems on the market. The Davit systems made completely from lightweight aluminium and can be built into many different types of specialist davits. The main feature is the Davit pole which can be supplied with a massive choice of height safety equipment including man-riding hoists and inertia reel retriever blocks. Versatility is the key with  this unique Davit system. It's built around two choices of fully adjustable horizontal jib arm and both jibs have height and reach adjustment via the sliding tube and fine adjustment via the threaded bar. All other components are fully customised to match your individual requirements. The vertical pole is supplied as either 1, 2 or 3 piece dependant on your needs with combinations enabling a portable davit systems to be supplied up to 3378 mm overall height and 1067mm reach. The Davit is then used with one of the many different types of socket of built into one of the specialized systems. Other Davit supports include Man hole davits, Catwalk davit, A vehicle mounted davit, and a counterbalanced davit system. Probably one of the most popular ways of using the Sala advanced davit is in the 5 piece system. 

Fall Arrest, Man-riding & Rescue Tripods & Quadpods

Height safety Tripods and Quadpods are used for confined space entry and egress including rescue from height applications. Tripods have three leg and Quadpods four, both are made from lightweight aluminium so that they can be easily transported between locations and quickly set-up ready for use. The right choice of equipment to be used on the tripod / Quadpod depends on what the user needs to achieve. We offer a many products including man-riding winches for lifting persons, inertia reels for arresting a fall, retriever blocks for arresting the fall then rescuing afterwards. We also offer with auto descenders used to automatically rescue the casualty should they fall. Many customers need assistance in choosing the most appropriate equipment, please feel free to contact us at any time. 

Manriding Systems, Baskets and Chairs

LiftingSafety offers in this category suspended access systems used to safety gain access to an area of work at height usually for maintenance purposes, for example building facade maintenance or window cleaning.

Mobile Fall Arrest Gantries, Systems & Steps

We offer a range of mobile gantries for height safety and fall arrest applications fitted with work equipment to suit the users applications. These are mainly bespoke systems designed specifically to suit our customer’s applications. They can be used for man-riding, fall arrest or rescue applications with bespoke products designed especially for unique applications and look forward to receiving your enquiry. 

Rope Guided Fall Arresters (Steel & Synthetic Rope)

Rope Guided fall arrestor systems are offered online for vertical and horizontal fall protection supplied with / without a synthetic or steel wire rope. They are used for fall arrest, restraint and work positioning applications often used as a temporary fall arrest system on vertical ladders or for roof work applications. We offer a massive range as made by Ridgegear, Tractel, Miller, and Titan so there should be a product to suit all applications. 

Temporary Horizontal Fall Arrest Lifelines

Temporary horizontal fall arrest lifelines are offered online from a number of height safety manufacturers including Sala, Tractel, Miller and Ridgegear. We sell horizontal lifelines made from webbing that are tensioned with a ratchet strap, synthetic rope based systems and steel wire rope lifelines. Most of the fall arrest systems are certified for two persons to be connected to the lifeline though we also offer special systems for a greater number of users. 

Vertical Fall Arrest Systems Permanently Installed

Permanently installed vertical fall arrest lifelines are usually fitted to vertical ladders, they are available suitable for indoor or outdoor use made from galvanised steel, stainless steel with some components from aluminium. Vertical fall arrest systems provide fall protection to anyone climbing a ladder to enable the fall to immediately be arrested. Systems and procedures must also be put in place to affect the rescue after the fall. Contact our team if you need any assistance with selecting a suitable fall arrest or rescue system.

 Horizontal Fall Arrest Systems Permanently Installed

Our range of horizontal fall arrest lifelines provide a flexible fall arrest solution to areas of the work place where employees need to access on a regular basis for routine maintenance or production reasons. An installed lifeline means that the worker always has a fall arrest anchorage point where they need. The system installer will fit the lifeline in the right position / height so that in the unfortunate circumstance that anyone would fall the fall distance will be reduced to a minimum. Reducing fall distance reduces the effect of the fall and therefore there is less chance of injury to the casualty. Please contact us with your enquiry to enable us to offer a competitive system installation

Manriding Baskets Fork Truck and Overhead Crane

We offer man-riding baskets to be lifted by fork lift trucks or overhead cranes so that workers can gain access to areas at height in order to carry out maintenance tasks. We offer a large selection of man riding baskets to suit one or two persons though can also supply special bespoke baskets to suit our customer’s specification; platform size or number of users! All our man riding baskets have hand rails, effectively providing collective restraint though they are also fitted with personal restrain anchorage points so that the user can connect an adjustable restraint lanyard to provide personal restraint. 

Suspension Seats / Bosuns Chair Working at Height

'Bosuns chair' is a seat suspended from a man-riding lifting machine (winch or hoist, hand operated or powered)

  • They provide a comfortable working position or means of access.
  • Particularly suited for long periods working at height.
  • A Bosuns chair does not provide any fall protection and must be used with an appropriate fall arrest and rescue system.
Collective Fall Arrest Systems

Collective restraint systems provide fall protection to all persons working in the area as opposed to personal restraint systems that only provide restraint for the user. A handrail is a good example of collective restraint and means that fall arrest equipment and a rescue plan is not required. 

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