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Soll "Vi-Go" Wire Line Vertical Fall Arrest Cable Lifeline. The Vigo SystemCan be installed by the end user!

Model:  Soll Vi-Go / SCL-2622

Soll Vi-Go Wire Line Vertical Fall Arrest Cable Lifeline
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Vertical Wire Rope Lifeline Permanently Installed Suitable For End User Installation.

Soll Vi-Go is a fall protection system that can be retrofitted onto existing climbing devices such as ladders or rungs used in wind turbine, power supply, telecommunication or other industry.

  • It is basically made up of a steel rope or cable (three different types), fastening elements and a revolutionary guided-type fall arrester.
  • We can provide this product for a competent user to install themselves, thus greatly reducing costs
Ease of use
  • The user wears a full body harness (EN 361 compliant) and fastens the karabiner hook of the Vi-Go shuttle to the fall protection/fall arrest attachment ring of a harness.
  • Users can start climbing or descending once the shuttle has been fixed to the rope.
  • The ergonomic design of the new Vi-Go shuttles distinguishes them from their competitors. Handling them thus becomes very simple.
  • The shuttle can be unlocked and fastened to or unfastened from the rope with a single hand.
  • The dual locking mechanism renders the fall arrester particularly safe.
  • The spring-activated securing mechanisms always move the device back to its initial position.
  • Each fall arrester is equipped with a shock absorbing element made of stainless steel which is unique to Soll.
  • This highly effective, durable absorber reduces the impact force to a minimum on a worker's body in the event of a fall.
  • The value falls considerably below 6 KN which is stipulated in the EN 353-1 standard..
Extension Pole
  • The Extension Pole Allows the User to be attached to the Lifeline right up until the user is stood on the top platform
Safety for all users
  • Since each shuttle is equipped with a cushioning element instead of the cable, the load on the cable fixings is effectively reduced when there are several users.
Versatile system
  • Very few system components are readily available in different models or materials, This makes the Vi-Go system especially versatile.
  • Standard or flexible as Users can choose between prefabricated or flexible system components.
  • A user can thus cut down on the costs for components by opting for standard installation.
  • On the other hand, installation costs for complex assemblies can be reduced by using high-quality system components.
  • Stainless steel or galvanized steel
  • Furthermore, the selection of system components made of galvanized or stainless steel can help in cutting costs or adapting the system to severe environmental conditions.
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