Manhole Cover Lifters

Quick Ref: CN-1236
Tools for placement or removal of manhole covers
Manhole Cover Lifters

Portable, compact and versatile pivoting man-hole cover lifter designed for effortless single person operation.
Magnetic tool adaptable to lifting all kinds of telecom covers, road stoppers, man-holes and drain covers.
Innovative, lightweight, portable manhole lifting system for safe and quick lifting of heavy manhole covers complying with manual handling regulations.

Designed to eliminate workforce crush injuries, reduce operator effort during use and speed up the lifting time, the units are quickly assembled and easily transported in an estate car or van and used by just one person.

Capable of lifting square, round and triangle manhole covers.

Provides a safe one-man method of operation to remove most types of manhole covers. Giving a smooth, strong vertical pull. Capable of lifting square, round and triangle manhole cover. When drain covers have been seated for long periods of time the can prove difficult to brake the seal, not with the MCL with the bolt on the end tighten down to break the seal.

Specially designed pins for the lifting of man-hole pipes. 25mm, 32mm, 35mm or 38mm Diameters available.

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