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Eurosign "LiftPlaq" Magnetic Manhole Cover Lifter

Model:  LiftPlaq / LMMC-4443

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Magnetic tool adaptable to lifting all kinds of telecom covers, road stoppers, man-holes and drain covers.

The LIFTPLAQ® is a handing tool allowing the handling of street manhole covers and plugs, designed for professionals of dry and wet networks.

This system, equiped with a articulated lever fitted with a powerful magnet, allowing street manhole covers to be moved without touching them and thus reducing the hardship by three.

The LIFTPLAQ® consists of a mechanical assembly. It is fitted with a magnetic device allowing a firm prehension and manipulation of drain lids, manhole covers and telecoms covers.

This tool can be used for dry or wet networks.

The basic kit consists of :

  • The body of the tool
  • The shaft with two handles and pointed chisel
  • A brass anti-deflagration wheel balancer
  • An articulated arm with strong magnet and curbed pin
  • A handle for unlocking the magnet
  • Two wheels (hard rubber)
  • A transport box
  • Option : wheel extensions


  • Easy and quick to use.
  • Ergonomics : Straight back and legs bent.
  • Security : No hand to cover contact.
  • Versatility : Usable on all types of covers and plugs.
  • Mobility : Easy to move.
  • Handling : Reduces exertions by three.
  • Storing : Very little storage space required.
  • Grant : aid convention from Health and Safety orgnizations (1).


  • Lift covers or plugs easily and effectively with complete safety due to its powerful magnet.
  • Supplied with brass wheel balancer to be screwed on the body (for storing) or on the shaft (for use).
  • Super strong permanent magnet not submitted to periodic checks.
  • Wheels close together standard issue (20 cm axle width).
  • Tool may be equiped with wheel extensions (110 cm axle width).
  • Wooden transportation box allowing transportation in a vehicle with metallic floor avoiding magnetizing.
  • Colour : red and yellow (for high visibility and indicating danger).
Lifting Large Rectangular Cover Lifting Manhole Raising Circular Cover
Operation Example Wide Wheelbase Design Holding In Vertical Position

Easy of use

Place the magnet on the cover or plug, lift and move with ease.

Unlock the very powerful magnet by pulling the pin from the shaft and raising simply by tilting it sidewise.


The LIFTPLAQ® assists the user safely during the operations of taking hold/lifting/moving/replacing (System rewarded at the Xvth convention of Health and Safety at work).


  • This magnetized tool is used by all the workers of the VRD/BTP/Télécom.
  • Adaptable to all types of manhole covers and plugs on the road.

Powerful magnet ...

  • Powerful magnet announced for 110kg according to the legislation able to support a weight of up to 450 kg (on metal surface 100% pure, perfectly smooth and free of any impurity).
  • Permanent magnet requiring no periodical checks.

Dimensional Information

  • Height: 500mm
  • Length: 1000mm
  • Width with standard wheels : 200mm
  • Width with wheel extensions : 1100mm
  • Weight : 18kg

Numerous Awards

  • Recognition of CARSAT prevention
  • Diploma and bronze medal of the INRS Safety at work
  • First price for handling technology innovation 2012
  • Competition of traditional innovation
  • Stars et Métiers Languedoc-Roussillon 2012
  • First price Objective decision-maker of the year Pyrénées Orientales (FR)
  • Competition 2011 - XVth convention Health and Safety at work
Liftplag Stored Position
Numbered Parts List

Parts List

  1. Handling handle which can receive the brass wheel balancer
  2. Wheel balancer to be screwed on the shaft handle
  3. Removable and adjustable shaft handle
  4. Body of the tool
  5. Articulated arm
  6. Curbed pin with chain (to lock the articulated arm during use)
  7. Strong magnet
  8. Pin for adjusting the shaft
  9. Handle to be used as prop and allowing the magnet to be freed from the cover
  10. Wheels
  11. Assembly pin
  12. Pointed chisel at the end of the shaft
  13. Transportation box
  14. Wheel extensions (optional)
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Technical Brochure

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Liftplaq - User Manual.pdf

User Manual

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