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Kito ER Electric Hoist - Single Speed - Range from 250kg to 5000kg

Model:  KITO ER / KEH-1142

Additional Height of Lift per Metre (3mtr as Std)

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Kito ER Single Lift Speed Electric Chain Hoist.

Kito ER D

250kg to 20 metric tonne capacity, three phase (220/440/575V)

The ER Series Electric Chain Hoist can improve efficiency in the most demanding of work environments.

Packed with the latest technology, the high quality, high performance ER Series Electric

Chain Hoist will satisfy even the most demanding of customers.

Low Headroom

  • Lower Headroom than previous ES model

Heavy Duty, Industrial Application

  • The outer fan-cooling motor is part of the standard model
  • World Class hoist Duty rating

State of the Art Design

  • Simplified construction in a single-piece moulded Die-cast body
  • Kito load chain is case-hardened, to offer increased resistance to wear and inhibits rust


  • Kito's original mechanical brake combined with a friction clutch
  • Upper/lower limit switch
  • Emergency Stop
  • Counter/ Hour meter
  • Thermal Protector

High Safety and Operability

  • World Class friction clutch with high abrasion resistance and reliability
  • Chain will not kink or twist. Bottom hook can not be capsized

Abundant Lifting Speed

  • Provide low, medium, moderate, standard and high lifting speed for varied applications

Standard Specification:

  • Standard HOL is 3m
  • Standard Control length is 2.5m
  • Standard length of power supply cable is 5m.
  • Optional Chain containers are available in Plastic, Canvas, or Steel

Single Speed Hoist Model Specifications

W.L.L. (t) Code Body Size Standard Lift (m) Push Button Cord Length (m) Lifting Motor 3 Phase Lifting Speed (m/min) Load Chain Diameter (mm)x Chain Fall Lines Classification Test Load (t) Net Weight (kg) Weight for additional one meter of lift (kg)
Out-Put (kW) Intermittent Rating (%ED) 50Hz 60Hz ISO ASME FEM
250kg ER003S ER-B  3 2.5 0.56 60 9.7 11.6 5.0x1 M5 H4 2m 313kg 31 0.55
250kg ER003H ER-C  3 0.9 60 14.9 17.9 6.3xx1 M5 H4 2m 313kg 38 0.85
500kg ER005S ER-C  3 0.9 60 7.6 9.1 6.3x1 M5 H4 2m 625kg 38 0.85
1 ER010S ER-D  3 1.8 60 7.3 8.8 8.0x1 M5 H4 2m 1.25 61 1.38
2 ER020L ER-D  3 1.8 60 3.6 4.3 10.0x1 M4 H4 1Am 2.5 70 2.3
3 ER030C ER-D  3 2.8 2.8 60 3.0 3.6 10.0x2 M4 H4 1Am 3.75 98 4.6
5 ER050L ER-E  3 3.5 60 2.9 3.5 11.2x2 M4 H4 1Am 6.25 139 5.9

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