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Our range of Fall Arrest & Height Safety Equipment provides unbeatable quality at competitive industry price.

Welcome and thank you for visiting our online Fall Arrest Equipment shop, probably the most comprehensive fall arrest equipment catalogue on-line (SELS Height Safety Catalogue), we hope you enjoy the experience.

Throughout the LiftingSafety online fall arrest catalogue, we offer a very comprehensive selection of fall arrest and height safety equipment for those needing to keep safe while working at height. We are sure that with the vast selection of equipment available you will quickly find the product required to solve all your fall arrest and height safety problems. Our catalogue is designed with our customers in mind, the layout being well structured so that the site always remains continuously user friendly; navigation is simple throughout our website, directing users efficiently to the most appropriate fall arrest and height safety solutions, products or services. We have made sure when possible that our customers have multiple choice options on all product types, to ensure every option, size and application is catered for.

Harnesses for Fall Arrest & Height Safety

LiftingSafetys' fall arrest equipment shop offers Fall Arrest harnesses online for all disciplines whilst working at height. There are two key types of fall arrest harness, the most popular being the full body harness for fall arrest applications. We also sell a selection of sit harnesses along with a handful of chest harnesses. All of the fall protection safety harnesses are categorised into groups making it easier for the customers to find the best product for their application. Harnesses are further split into sub categories by headings and industry sector (Welders Harness Harnesses and linesman’s harnesses), others by working environment (Atex and Hot work harnesses) and yet more by harness design for example with belt or by manufacturing standard! This is probably the most commonly used fall arrest category in our online shop. We offer a great choice of fall arrest harnesses made by leading manufacturers. Please feel free to contact us if you have an enquiry.

Fall Arrest Lanyards, Work Positioning and Restraint Lanyards

People often request fall arrest lanyards not realising that there are so many different types of lanyard to cater for different applications, disciplines and industries! There are also so many different types of terminations and karabiner types. We offer the most commonly requested fall arrest lanyards though there are actually three main types of lanyard! We offer fall arrest shock absorbing lanyards, restraint lanyards used to prevent the worker from being exposed to a potential fall when working at height (not fall arrest) and then there are work positioning lanyards (pole straps) which are designed to be used in conjunction with fall protection. A pole strap fits to a harness or belt (EN358) to provide support (Not shock absorbing). Pole straps are often used as adjustable restraint lanyards. We offer a massive variety of lanyard to choose from made by some of the world’s leading fall arrest equipment manufacturers. Single leg, twin leg and some elasticated and tie-back lanyards. There are also various compositions i.e. Rope lanyard and webbing type lanyard.

Kits for Fall Arrest & Height Safety

We offer fall arrest equipment kits to provide fall protection quickly and cost effectively, manufactured by Top Quality height safety equipment manufacturers. We offer the following manufacturers Protecta, Miller, Tractel, Yale, Sala, Ridgegear and more so that there is a kit option to suit almost all working at height disciplines. Our height safety kits incorporate inertia reels, fall arrest and restraint lanyards, fall arrest harnesses, pole straps and many more components. Different manufacturers use different names for their kits even though they contain very similar fall protection equipment; for this reason we list the height safety kits by manufacturer’s name, by industry sector and by the contents of the kit. This way we make it simple and quick to navigate to the most appropriate product for the application. We can also tailor/make-up special kits to suit your individual needs where required.

Fall Arrest Inertia Reels and Retrieval Blocks

LiftingSafety offer an unrivalled collection of fall arrest inertia reel blocks online which are items of fall arrest equipment also referred to as fall arrest Inertia reels, Self-retracting life Lines (SRL and SRL's) and Personal Fall Limiters (PFL, PFL's, fall arrest pulleys). We offer small and large, lightweight and robust options to suit all applications. Inertia reels are great for minimizing the distance of the fall and therefor reduce the consequence of the fall which is typically the injury caused by a fall. The PFL personal fall arrestors are small, and light weight, ideal for everyday use. We offer long length inertia reels up to 60 metre cable length and options with Atex (Spark resistant) approval. We supply SRL's with an integrated rescue winch to retrieve the casualty after a fall has occurred. This rescue winch raises/lowers the casualty to safety.

Man-riding Hoists & Rescue Winches, Electric & Manual Operation

This category contains machines certified for lifting persons, either to gain access /egress or for casualty rescue applications after a fall. It is sometimes difficult to choose the best liftinghoist (winch) to suit an application, if in doubt please ask our technical staff for the best solution. Things to consider when choosing a man-riding winch are: application, anchorage point, fibre or steel rope, length of rope required, speed of lift required, duty factor (how often it will be used) physical size and weight, environment - please phone for help and assistance. Man-riding hoists are often referred to as a man-riding winch or a rescue winch though this is technically incorrect as a winch is for pulling applications and a hoist used for lifting. We offer man-riding hoists from many top quality fall arrest equipment manufacturers including Tractel, Miller, Yale, Ridgegear, Sala, Protecta and more.

Fall Arrest Systems & Man-riding Equipment

Some products are standard as supplied direct from the manufacturers though we also have the ability to design and manufacture Special Bespoke items such as Davit Arms, Tripods and Gantries. Our range of fall arrest davit arms is exceptional and a more all-inclusive range than offered by any of our competitors. There is a vast range that we design and manufacture to meet with our customers’ requirements. It’s a very similar situation with our lightweight aluminium man-riding gantries. Fall arrest equipment Systems and Man-Riding Equipment in this category is sub divided into product types so that the customer can quickly find to compare before deciding on the most appropriate solution. Complete fall arrest systems that are permanently installed, fall arrest lifelines and individual components / products are all in this group of equipment, some manually operated and others having electric hoists. Please contact us is you have a unique requirement!  Let us know if you cannot see a solution to your working at height problem as we have many new products waiting to be listed online.

Fall Arrest Anchorage Devices

Anchorage devices include fall arrest equipment made to the EN795 standard, protection against falls from height and makes them an approved anchorage point for connection to fall arrest lanyard, restraint lanyard, rescue kit or emergency evacuation system. We offer a wide variety of products from many top quality height safety manufacturers including Sala, Tractel, Miller, Ridgegear and Protecta and North Safety etc...  There is great choice of products and options on this range, displayed on our user friendly website, making this category one of the best online anywhere for fall arrest anchorage devices. Anchorages can be permanently fixed (installed systems) or mobile (portable) dependant on the users requirements. Please note that it is the responsibility of the competent person to make sure the structure to which the anchor is connected to has enough strength and stability to arrest a fall.

Fall Arrest Karabiners & Connectors for Man-riding, Rescue and Restraint

Fall arrest Karabiners are also known as connecting links, carabiners, mallions, scaffold hooks, scaff hooks, rebar hook, snap hooks, fall arrest hooks, oval links and delta links (and probably more). Carabiners must be double action opening for the gate to open. This is a safety prerequisite; the reason is to prevent the karabiner from being accidently opened. We offer many different sizes and shapes from all the quality height safety manufacturers (Miller, Sala, Protecta and Ridgegear) and made from different materials such as stainless steel, aluminium and corrosion resistant steel. With this great selection and our web sites great navigation aids our customer’s should easily find a karabiner suitable for their working at height scenario.

Rescue, Evacuation & Rope Access Equipment

Our LiftingSafety Fall arrest equipment rescue category is very enlightening and covers two main disciplines for people working at height. We sell rescue equipment for retrieval/rescuing a fallen person. To comply with the working at height directive the employer must provide a rescue plan and this means providing the equipment and training to enable the person fallen to be speedily rescued. Working at height also includes working below ground! A rescue plan must also be in place for persons not directly exposed to a fall when there is no practical means of egress should the person become incapacitated; for example rescue from an overhead crane even if the crane bridge is fitted with hand rails! Rescue systems can be supplied to remotely rescue a casualty without exposing the rescuer to a potential fall by using a remote extending rescue pole though it also means that there is no need to use rope access techniques to connect to the fallen worker to the rescue tackle. Emergency evacuation is when the worker needs to egress quickly, for example if emergency escape from an oil platform or working on a crane bridge and there is a fire in the working area. We offer a very good range of kits and equipment for both rescue and for self-evacuation for premium height safety manufacturers so please consider contacting us for a competitive quotation.

General Height Safety Gear

We offer online loads more fall arrest equipment in this category for people working at height. These products are often critical to those working at height making this one of our most active categories with our customers. In this section are height safety accessories, industrial climbing ropes and height safety helmets. We offer specialist sections promoting welding, cutting and grinding height safety and fall arrest equipment as well as fall arrest/working at height training courses. One of our most popular sections is the black fall arrest equipment where low visibility is needed for example in the military or special forces and also commonly often used by the theatre industry where a low-visibility/hidden harness is needed.

What makes LiftingSafety different?

LiftingSafety is managed and operated by trained technical engineers who understand all of the product ranges that we sell; we are primarily a technically based and trained company and not simply a catalogue company! Our on-line web site is also designed and managed by technical staff, though uniquely we have our own in house IT Department (computer programmers) who design, present, develop and optimise constantly. We appreciate each and every one of our customers, after all without customers we wouldn't have a business, hence our vision for creating the most user friendly site to ensure we cover what every customer needs and requires. We at LiftingSafety set about inventing and rewriting the technology required to offer this unique online functionality and presentation that maintains the key features of our business being useful and informative to all of our customers both here in the UK and Internationally. The management at LiftingSafety respond to the markets technology requirements and then continually updates the functions, navigation and appearance that improve and enhance the users browsing experience.

We have structured the fall arrest catalogue so that there are many available options for quality, price and stock availability. In most cases customers can purchase the height safety equipment online with payments processed via SagePay which is a safe and secure payment gateway. For customers who need a formal quotation products can be added to a virtual basket and then the entire basket sent to our technical sales team. Your specific quotation will then be sent back to you shortly afterwards via email. We may also be able to offer a discount on your official email quotation; the level of discount awarded will depend on the quantity required, order value and customer loyalty. Fall arrest equipment is technical by nature, therefore the choice of products available is so vast we encourage customers who need assistance to contact our sales and technical team. Our team has great knowledge and experience and are dedicated to assisting our customers as much as possible; we are always keen to help.

A Brief Introduction to LiftingSafety (Owned by Selby Engineering and Lifting Safety Ltd)

In the LiftingSafety catalogue we offer a “Total” fall arrest equipment service including everything to do with working at height. Height safety site services include design, manufacture, certification, installation, testing and maintenance of products and services. We are a professional fall arrest equipment company and offer the most appropriate solution from our enormous selection of products based on correct technical knowledge and extensive experience. We are ISO9001 accredited and members of the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (L.E.E.A). Our websites are: and At LiftingSafety we provide excellent customer service, our aim is to work with our clients again in the future and we hope that through efficient overall service we make this possible. At LiftingSafety we have knowledge, experience and resources at hand having traded out of the UK since 1995, we are professional exporters; exporting approximately 70% of total company turnover and or customers include Shell, Stat-oil, Drax Power, British Energy, Network Rail, RWE, Npower, Manchester Airport, BP, Jet2, Monarch, E.ON to name but a few!

On-line Catalogue Working at height terms and disciplines

  • Fall protection - Any system, equipment, item or piece of PPE that guards against a fall, arrests a fall, performs a rescue and/or man-riding function.
  • Installed systems - Complete permanently installed fall arrest or restraint solutions and systems.
  • Fall arrest  PPE - PPE is Personal Protective Equipment, for example Safety Harness, fall arrest harnesses, lanyards and step relief
  • Collective restraint - Systems to prevent a group of people reaching a potential fall zone. For example guard rails (Hand rails).
  • Fall Prevention - A term associated with collective and/or personal restraint systems 
  • Fall arrest equipment - Fall arrest equipment is mandatory when deploying persons working at height. There is no minimum height that fall arrest equipment must be used. Working at height is a risk assessed based function.
  • Shock absorbing systems - Energy absorbing systems must be incorporated into fall arrest equipment. The system used must be shock absorbing or keep the forces transferred to the casualty during fall at a value below 6Kn. 
  • Rescue from height - A rescue plan must be incorporated into the method statement and risk assessment before employees work at height in a fall arrest scenario. The system chosen should be immediately available and cannot include calling the emergency services.
  • Work positioning - Work positioning equipment allows the user to work comfortably at height for long periods of time, pole straps and work positioning belts are not fall arrest equipment though must be used in conjunction with fall arrest gear/tackle.
  • Rope access - Rope access equipment allows safe working at height whilst in a suspended state. All rope access equipment is subject to LOLER 6 monthly inspections because the equipment is used in a 'load bearing' application. Fall arrest is never load bearing unless a fall occurs.
  • Confined space work - specialist height access, egress and fall arrest equipment for persons working in confined and closed spaces.
  • Personal restraint gear - Restraint means preventing the operative / worker from reaching the potential fall area. There is no possibility of a fall and therefore fall arrest equipment is not necessary. I.E. No potential of falling means no requirement for fall arrest equipment. 
  • Height safety training - we offer a full range height safety training course packages, including training for safe use and maintenance of all the fall arrest/height safety gear that we sell/advertise. All training on equipment is with the approval of the manufacturer and complies with the working at height directive.

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