Vacuum & Unique Fall Arrest Anchorage Systems to EN795

Quick Ref: CN-1187
Innovative and Unique ways to form an Anchorage Point, supplied by liftingsafety.

LiftingSafety offers portable vacuum anchor systems for fall arrest and restraint applications with a general industrial version and one designed specifically for the aviation industry. Our portable, user-friendly Vacuum Anchor System is unique. Designed by Sala provides this basic fall arrest system for one person is completely self-contained. No separate pumps, vacuum hoses or other components. It can be powered up quickly and easily with a single, on-board compressed gas bottle or a large capacity detached bottle, or shop air.

Vacuum & Unique Fall Arrest Anchorage Systems to EN795

Self Contained Vacuum Anchor Point. For General Use or Specific to Aviation Industry.

With a Vacuum Anchor System at your workers’ side, they can anchor to virtually any smooth, non-porous surface simply by flipping a switch and waiting for the green light. So whether they need to repair a skylight atop a locomotive or repaint a section on a water tower, they’ll always be able to quickly, and easily put themselves where they need to be without putting themselves in danger.

Leading Edge Anchor tripod for Pre-Cast Concrete.

The first fall protection system designed for personnel who perform work on pre-cast concrete. Compact and Lightweight Design makes installation, use and removal quick and easy. A pair of these could also be used as anchors for a temporary horizontal lifeline. The roof anchor is designed for use by one person with a personal fall arrest system.

Portable, Temporary Anchorage Point on Panel Walls 60-360mm Thick. To EN 795: 2012 Type B
Unique Scaffold Pole Anchor Point, For Vertical and Horizontal Use on Scaffold Poles 44.5mm to 50mm.

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