Screwjack Components

Quick Ref: CN-1964
Screwjack Components

Driven adapter for Machine, ball screw and all continuous duty cycle actuators.
Bellows boot for protecting the lifting screw from dust, dirt, moisture and corrosive contaminants.
Flange block with setscrew locks to properly secure the connecting shaft regardless of direction.
Pillow block made from ductile iron housing for extra strength.
Economical and easy mounting rotary counter with clockwise or anti clockwise models available.
Digital position indicator for use in precision positioning applications.
Ring kit encoder with bi-directional shaft speed sensor.
Compact rugged encoder designed for harsh factory environments, clockwise or counterclockwise rotational requirements.
Self scaling digital position indicator for use with 2 to 150 ton machine or ball screw actuators.
Potentiometer to mount onto the end of any SKA6000T limit switch.
Rotary limit switch for use on machine and ball screw actuators.
Control Panels for machine or ball screw actuators.
Connecting shaft made from either turned, ground or polished steel.

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