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"SK6300-4K" Digital Position Indicator for Potentiometers

Model:  SK6300-4K / DPIF-4141

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Self scaling digital position indicator for use with 2 to 150 ton machine or ball screw actuators.

The SK6300-4K Digital Position Indicator processes a feedback signal from a the SK6200T series potentiometer to provide position readout with user selectable scaling factor.

By running the actuator to two positions in its stroke and keying in the desired readout at each point, the indicator automatically scales the input signal to provide linear readout over the full travel of the actuator.

The SK6300-4K has a universal, 85-250 VAC power input and generates a regulated 24 VDC excitation signal to the potentiometer.

The SK6300-4K operates seamlessly with any potentiometer equipped Duff-Norton actuator.


  • Self scaling by inputting minimum and maximum readings - either by key stroke or input signal.
  • Two adjustable up / down limits with +/- 99999.
  • Accepts 1K to 10K potentiometer inputs.
  • Programmable decimal point location.
  • Input power requirement from 85 - 250VAC.
  • Programmable front panel functions.
  • For use with 2 to 150 ton machine or ball screw actuators.
Digital Position Indicator

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