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"1200 Series" Rotary Union Small Envelope Swivel

Model:  1200 Series / SRUS-4129

Part N° Description Nominal Pipe Size Shaft Thread (A) Overall Length (F) Guide Price Quantity
R1213SR2KNPT 1/4 1/4 2.24 Quote Required
R1217SR2KNPT 3/8 3/8 2.5 Quote Required
R1217SR2KNPT 1/2 1/2 3.07 Quote Required
R1227SR2KNPT 3/4 3/4 3.60 Quote Required
R1234SR2KNPT 1 1 4.40 Quote Required
R1242ST2KNPT 1-1/4 1-1/4 5.39 Quote Required
R1249SR2KNPT 1-1/2 1-1/2 6.25 Quote Required
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Corrosion resistant nickel plated steel standard rotary union with the option of stainless steel.

1200 Series Rotary Union Small Envelope Swivel

Features and Benefits

  • Small Profile - Perfect for small envelope dimensions.
  • Easy Installation - Precision made wrench flats on center shaft for easy installation. Custom designs available.
  • Bi-Directional Swivel - Slow or swiveling rotation.
  • Corrosion Resistant - The 1200 Series is nickel plated as standard. Also available in stainless steel.
  • Hydraulic Applications - Suitable for hydraulic service.
  • Thread Connections - NPT standard. SAE, JIC, DIN or ISO threads are available upon request.
  • No Lubrication - PTFE seals require no lubrication.
1200 Series

1200 Series Rotary Union Diagram

1200 Series Rotary Union Diagram

Nominal Pipe Size Shaft Thread (A) B C DN E F G H I (flats) J K L
1/4 1/4 .55 .47 .27 GR817SR 2.24 1.33 1.10 .82 1.02 .23 1.02
3/8 3/8 .59 .55 .39 GR821SR 2.5 1.53 1.25 .90 1.18 .29 1.18
1/2 1/2 .70 .59 .51 GR827SR 3.07 1.81 1.57 1.18 1.37 .31 1.49
3/4 3/4 .86 .78 .70 GR834SR 3.60 2.18 1.96 1.65 1.77 .33 1.77
1 1 .98 .86 .94 GR849SR 4.40 2.63 2.48 1.81 2.10 .39 2.15
1-1/4 1-1/4 1.18 1.22 1.18 GR849SR 5.39 3.12 3.11 2.12 2.63 .37 2.75
1-1/2 1-1/2 1.18 1.18 1.49 GR860SR 6.25 3.62 3.77 2.75 3.03 .47 3.74

1200 Series Rotary Union Small Envelope Swivel Specifications

Nominal Pipe Size Nickel Plated Steel Stainless Steel
Right Hand Thread Right Hand Thread
Part Number Description Part Number Description
1/4 750981C R1213SR2KNPT 750988C R1213SR2INPT
3/8 750982C R1217SR2KNPT 750989C R1217SR2INPT
1/2 750983C R1221SR2KNPT 750990C R1221SR2INPT
3/4 750984C R1227SR2KNPT 750991C R1227SR2INPT
1 750985C R1234SR2KNPT 750992C R1234SR2INPT
1-1/4 750986C R1242ST2KNPT 750993C R1242ST2INPT
1-1/2 750987C R1249SR2KNPT 750994C R1249SR2INPT
Rotary Union Design

Rotary Union Design

While rotating joints come in many shapes, sizes, and configurations, they always have the same four basic components: housing, a shaft, a bearing (or bearings) and a seal.

Mechanical Seal

The heart of the Rotary Union or rotary joint is the seal.

The seal prevents the medium (water, oil, air, etc) from leaking outside the Rotary Union while the Rotary Union is in operation.

Duff-Norton uses four basic types of mechanical seals in its Rotary Unions: 1) pusher-type end face mechanical seal, 2) non-pusher type end face mechanical seal, 3) lip seals and 4) o-ring seal. Rotary Unions may have more than one seal.


The second most important part of the Rotary Union is the bearing. A Rotary Union may have only one bearing or multiple bearings.

Roller bearings, such as ball bearings and tapered roller bearings, or non-roller bearings, like graphite bearings and bronze bushings, may be used in the Rotary Union.

The bearings are always used to allow a part of the joint, either the shaft or the housing, to rotate.


The shaft is the component that carries the medium through the Rotary Union into the drum or roll. In many cases, the shaft will turn with the drum or roll. In some cases, like in larger flanged rotary Unions, the shaft may be stationary while the housing rotates. The bearings and seal are typically assembled around the shaft.


The housing is the component that holds all of the other elements of the Rotary Union together. The housing has an inlet port, which is a threaded port to which the hose supplying the medium will be attached .

The Rotary Union may also have an outlet port, if the same joint is being used both to supply fluid to a roll and to remove fluid from the roll. In smaller Rotary Unions, the housing is stationary. In larger Rotary Unions, the housing maybe bolted to the drum or roll using a flange. In these cases, the housing rotates at the same speed as the drum.

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