Swing Jib Cranes - Installed Floor & Wall Cranes

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Wide variety of jib cranes with swinging/slewing jib arms, priced online at very competitive prices. Some items may require a quotation.

Freestanding vertical post mounted Swing Jib Cranes in this category are either bolted to the floor or wall mounted. Cranes that bolt to the floor can be supplied with a small base plate for connection to a bespoke installed concrete foundation or with an oversized base plate for bolting to a customer's structurally suitable concrete floor. Wall mounted swing jib lifting cranes do not have the vertical post and so are bolted directly to a wall or horizontal steel structure.

Our swing jib cranes are for lifting materials and not for lifting people though if you do have an application for a man riding jib crane we can make specials to our customers requirements. They cannot be used for man-riding application as advertised in this category. All our swing jib cranes can be supplied complete with a hoist to suit your requirements. Please contact us for a quote, we look forward to receiving your enquiry.

A Jib Crane is an overhead crane that that can be installed or be portable (movable) it can be floor mounted, wall mounted or even roof (ceiling) mounted and has a swinging arm (which may articulate) that cantilevers from the structural mounting point / pivot point. It can be manually rotated or electrically powered and can be fitted with lifting equipment as per your requirements; manual, electric pneumatic or hydraulic. We can supply a standard range of jib crane or bespoke jib crane design's. A swing jib crane provides a cost effective lifting solution without taking up excess floor space.

Two main versions of swing jib crane are available: manually rotated or electrically rotated, read on for more details.

Manually rotated jib cranes are by far our best seller, probably as they are far cheaper than power slew and to be honest are easier to use being more convenient for the lighter loads, usually used manually under 2000kg. Standard swing jib models are available for lifting capacities from 125kg to 2000kg and jib lengths from 2m to 8m

  • “C” profile /  Channel profile version for lifting capacities from 63kg to 1000kg and jib lengths from 2m to 7m.
  • “I” profile cantilever version, for lifting capacities from 63kg to 2000kg and jib lengths from 2 m to 5 m.
  • “I” profile RSJ overbraced version, for lifting capacities from 125kg to 2000kg and jib lengths from 4m to 8m.
Column Mounted (Post), Free Standing Swing Jib Cranes

We offer a great range of wall mounted jib cranes in different designed, safe working loads (SWL) and arm lengths to suit your individual requirements. The range of wall mounted jibs offers many standard options though we also make special bespoke jibs. they are usually fixed to a wall or to an existing RSJ (vertical column). The advantage of this over a floor mounted crane is that the workshop floor is kept free of obstruction.

Warning: Always ensure that the structure to which you intend to fix the jib onto is capable of taking the potential loadings.

Wall Mounted Swing Jib Cranes

All of our swing jib cranes are made to order and we have the capability to manufacture to our customers bespoke / special specifications; dimensions, safe working load or specific environment, for example in a hazard area where spark resistant features are require. Please contact a member of our technical or sales team with your requirements and we will be able to offer a quality product at a competitive price.

Special (Non-Standard) Swing Jib Cranes

A swing jib crane is also known as a lifting jib crane, a swing lift crane or even as a swing arm crane, swinging arm, floor or wall crane, and also as jib arm cranes. Jib cranes can be floor mounted, wall mounted or roof mounted, of which there are three main types of swing jib:

  • Over braced design - Overhead triangular bracing to support the horizontal lifting arm.
  • Underbraced design - usually used when the installation locaton is short of available height or headroom, slight loss of trolley travel.
  • Articulating arm design - the vertical lifting arm has a knuckle joint in the middle of its length that works like an elbow joint, particually manoeuvrable though has a restricted range of safe working loads..

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