Hydraulic Chain Hoists

Quick Ref: CN-1185
Commonly used in extreme working environments, especially those where there is already a suitable existing hydraulic line.

Hydraulic chain hoists are very similar in features to Pneumatic hoists except the hoist is powered by hydraulic oil as opposed to being powered by a compressed air line. The main advantages of the hydraulic lifting chain hoist is the same as Pneumatic chain hoist in that they are both 100% duty cycle. What this means is that the hydraulic powered chain hoists are suitable for constant use such as in a production environments, it also means that they are suitable for long heights of lift where an electric motor would overheat. Hydraulic chain hoists can be supplied with variable lifting speed, the more the operator depresses the button the greater the amount of hydraulic fluid passed by the valve and the faster the hoist will raise or lower. Because there is no electric power source air hoists are also more suitable for use in potentially explosive areas where a spark can cause an explosion. Hydraulic chain hoists can more cost effective solution when Atex certification is needed, far cheaper than the equivalent electric Atex hoist and are more suited to applications in harsh environments which is why they are the hoist of preference in the off shore oil and gas producing and maintenance sectors. We also offer hydraulic subsea hoists designed to be operated under water. As with other lifting chain hoist the hydraulic hoists supplied by LiftingSafety are all from a top quality manufacturer JDN (JD Neuhaus)


Hydraulically powered chain hoist, available in capacities from 3.2 tonne up to 100 tonnes.

Hydraulic Mono-rail Hoist.

These are an alternative to a pneumatic hoist that has very quiet operation and particularly suitable for application in explosion-endangered areas.

Available in 20,000kg, 25,000kg, 37500kg, 50,000kg, 75,000kg, 100,000kg.

Hook suspended, subsea pneumatic / hydraulic chain blocks.

Standard units can be used to depths of 55 metres, however these units are also available to be used down to a water depth of 70m. Highly regarded as a very versatile hook suspended tool, they can also be used for horizontal and oblique use. Other capacities are available on request.

Available as air or hydraulically powered units, with variable speed control and overload protection as standard.

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