Cranes; Mobile, Portable and Fixed

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LiftingSafety offer an on-line selection of cranes, a great choice of standard and special manufactured options on most product lines. There are portable, modular cranes that are movable with/without load or installed cranes like overhead cranes (manual and fully powered). We offer solutions with Atex (anti-sparking features) and lightweight aluminium cranes though generally can modify to suit our customers requirements. We offer one off the greatest online selections of floor cranes in the world, our portable workshop cranes and many unique features and are mostly individually made to our customers' specification. LiftingSafety Lightweight aluminium ‘A’ Frame gantries and davit arms offer excellent choice and probably unrivalled online. 

Cranes; Mobile, Portable and Fixed

Counterbalance Floor, Workshop Cranes

LiftingSafety heavy duty counterbalance floor cranes are top quality manufactured in the UK to the highest quality standards to our customers specification in many different styles and suitable for many applications and industry sectors. Every counterbalanced floor crane is individually tested to 125% the SWL of the crane. They are a portable item of lifting equipment at provide a cantilever lifting hook forward from the front of the crane chassis where other lifting products are unsuitable. There is a wide choice of options available including power lift and power travel. The Counterbalanced crane design allows the operator freedom to work very close to machines or over obstructions that would not be possible with traditional floor cranes that use front stabilizing forward facing legs for stability.

Portable Shop-Floor/Workshop/Garage Cranes

Our heavy duty engine cranes are supplied in two basic styles; as a rigid parallel leg, non Folding floor crane that have stabilizing legs that are 'Fixed'  (not hinged) forward facing and parallel to each other as opposed to the lighter duty Folding engine crane design that has 'V' shaped legs. Both are heavy duty construction for intensive industrial use and can be supplied in a modular knock down design for the ultimately portable maintenance crane. We are offering best quality portable hydraulic workshop cranes with many safety features and options to tailor to suit most environments and application, they are overload tested to 25% and are the ideal lifting solution for many applications where quality, manoeuvrability and reliability are necessary, meaning it can be trusted for lifting. Folding engine cranes are easy to move around the workshop and can be folded when not in use for easy storage. All models are also available made from stainless steel for offshore and pharmaceutical use etc, or simply for when a corrosion resistant crane is necessary.

Swing Jib Cranes - Installed Floor & Wall Cranes

Freestanding vertical post mounted Swing Jib Cranes in this category are either bolted to the floor or wall mounted. Cranes that bolt to the floor can be supplied with a small base plate for connection to a bespoke installed concrete foundation or with an oversized base plate for bolting to a customer's structurally suitable concrete floor. Wall mounted swing jib lifting cranes do not have the vertical post and so are bolted directly to a wall or horizontal steel structure.

Our swing jib cranes are for lifting materials and not for lifting people though if you do have an application for a man riding jib crane we can make specials to our customers requirements. They cannot be used for man-riding application as advertised in this category. All our swing jib cranes can be supplied complete with a hoist to suit your requirements. Please contact us for a quote, we look forward to receiving your enquiry.

Davit Arm Portable Jib Cranes

Davit arms for lifting are very similar to a jib cranes though limited in reach and capacity; they are made to order and therefore are usually manufactured to our customers dimensions / specification though some of the more commonly ordered size davit arms may be available ex-stock.. Our davit arms are generally portable though are also often permanently installed. Most lifting davits are used outdoors and therefore are usually galvanised for corrosion protection and can be used for lifting equipment (materials) and people (man riding and rescue from height) dependant on your request at time of order. As with our swing jib cranes, our lifting davit arms rotate up to 360 degrees dependant on our customers’ needs. We offer 2 main types of davit arm, these are lean-over type and vertical pole type, though many variations on these design including davits specifically designed for use on offshore wind turbines where we apply a heavy duty galvanised finish. With all LiftingSafety Davit arms we offer a general arrangement drawing for approval on receipt of the purchase order.

Light Weight Aluminium Lifting Gantries

Aluminium lifting gantries provide a lightweight and portable lifting equipment solution. All are Lightweight alloy lifting gantries are height adjustable and some width adjustable. The key features are the light weight design and modular construction allowing the gantry to easily be assembled in difficult to access locations. We offer a massive range in our online catalogue from many top quality manufacturers meaning that there is usually a standard gantry that will suit your application; we offer many different height and width options and capacities up to 5 tonne (5000kg). All the aluminium lifting gantries can be supplied with lifting equipment, hoists, trolleys and power supply systems. We can design and supply bespoke alloy lifting gantries to our customers specification. Please contact us for a quotation.

Mobile Lifting Gantries Painted Carbon Steel

Most of the steel portable lifting gantries that we sell are manufactured by LiftingSafety to our customers specification, height of lift, width and capacity (safe working load SWL). Our carbon steel gantries are usually painted though we can also offer galvanized, ideal if the customer needs both durability and corrosion resistance. Our lifting gantries can be supplied Inner braced (Internal diagonal brace that reduces the trolley travel), Outer braced (External diagonal braces that allow full length trolley travel) and Inner braced with full trolley travel - similar to the first option without reduction in lifting area.  We also sell the Verlinde Eurosystem range of lightweight portable lifting gantries. All our portable gantries can be supplied with lifting hoists to suit our customers’ requirements, manual, electric or pneumatic. 

Portable Mobile Swing Jib Cranes

This category is for mobile, portable swing jib cranes, meaning that the cranes can be relocated by means of a for lift truck, overhead crane or in some cases by pulling on castors fitted to the jib. The mobile jib cranes are not fixed (bolted) to the floor; instead they use counterbalance weight to support the lifted load at the hook. Counterbalanced weight lifting cranes can be used when the floor conditions are not suitable for a traditional jib crane to be installed or when supporting steelwork is not of sufficient strength; such as vertical RSJ's in a building or workshop. They are also often used when one crane is used to service many processes.

Shearlegs, Tripods & Quadpods

Lifting tripods are often referred to as shearlegs (Shear legs) and are a lightweight and cost effective, portable lifting solutions that is easily transported between jobs and very quickly set up ready to be used. A lifting tripod can be fitted with various lifting devices, we can supply fitted with a wire rope winch / cable hoist at or supplied with a traditional hand chain hoist with height of lift to suit our customers’ requirements. Some Tripods come complete fitted safety chains. these chain prevent the legs from spreading under load though no all designed need the chains. LiftingSafety offer capacities range from up to 5000kg and height adjustable versions. Some are made from painted carbon steel and others from lightweight aluminium. We also manufacture special bespoke tripods, please feel free to contact us if you need assistance or don’t see an item that meets with your lifting equipment requirements.

Overhead Crane Systems

All the overhead crane systems are designed and installed to our customers specification with a capacity ranging from 125kg to 100 tonne. LiftingSafety offer fully electric crane systems, Pneumatic cranes for potentially explosive Atex environments and totally manually manoeuvred gear travel (chain drive) suspended overhead cranes that are available with or with-out hoists, also with Atex options. Light, push / pull "C" track Overhead Cranes have a Load capacity from 125 to 2000kg; they offer a cost effective flexible overhead lifting equipment solution most often used in maintenance workshops and production areas. With minimal effort the user can quickly move the hook with-in the crane working area. For heavier loads, the euro system 2000 single and double girder cranes are suitable for all your lifting and handling needs. We also offer crane trolleys in our on-line catalogue for customers to make a Push / Pull Crane (Manual Crane Kit) also available as an electric travel crane kit. Contact us with your requirement; we will then be able to prepare you a competitive quotation. 

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