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Aluminium "Multilift" Lifting Crane with Front Stabalising Legs, 250kg Capacity

Model:  AMFC-4731

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Lightweight Aluminium Fixed Column Floor Crane with Changeable Extension Arm and Lifting Forks, and Fold Up Stabilising Legs

A lightweight and robust aluminium floor crane with interchangeable lifting forks and an extension arm (both provided as standard), that provides a lifting solution of many different lifting scenarios. The Multilift has been especially developed for companies that are in need of a mobile lifting device.

The Multilift's mast can be split, and the crane can be completely folded with minimum effort, making it space saving for storage, and ideal for transportation in the back of a van.

The lifting operation is performed by a manual cable winch, positioned at an ergonomical working height.

Aluminium Floor Crane With Forks
Aluminium Floor Crane With Jib


Multi-Lift Fitted with Fork Attachment

Multi-Lift Fitted with Extension Arm Attachment


Product Features

  • Load Capacity: 250kg.
  • Weight: 70kg.
  • Extension Arm Reach: 600mm.
  • Cable fitted with Stainless Steel Swivel Snap Hook (for Extension Arm).


Aluminium Multilift Crane With Forks
Aluminium Multilift Crane
Aluminium Floor Crane Folded Dimesions


Aluminium Floor Crane Fitted with Fork Attachment

Aluminium Floor Crane Fitted with Extension Arm Attachment Aluminium Floor Crane Folded for Storage


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