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LiftingSafety Alloy Gantry Crane / Tripod combo, Certified for Man-riding (Fall Arrest) & Materials Lifting. 500kg

Model:  TGC-3102

Minimum and Maximum Height
Accessories - Transport Trolley - Horizontal
Accessories - Spreader Beam
Accessories - Load Locking Pin
Alloy Gantry Crane/Tripod Combo Minimum and Maximum Height Transport Trolley Spreader Beam and Keys Load Locking Pin
Tripod Gantry Options

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Adjustable combination gantry crane and man-riding tripod built into a single transportable unit for ease of use on different site locations.

Flygt Easylift - Tripod Gantry
  Tripod Gantry
Minimum and Maximum Height
Extended and Retracted
Gantry Tirpod Lowering into a Sump
Lowering into a Sump

The versatile, portable frame, tripod gantry is designed to meet 'The work at height' regulation. For the pump industry the dilemma faced was although working at ground level, workers are lifting manhole covers and working around open sumps, where the same risks apply as working at heights, a person can fall into the sump which can be located many feet below ground level.

The Tripod Gantry has been designed to lift a pump out from a sump in a safe manner and for the operative to then simply slide it to one side for safe inspection. To ensure the safety of the operative, a fall arrest harness can be attached to the frame which also has been designed for single 'man riding'.

The Tripod Gantry Crane is manufactured out of lightweight aluminium and can be erected by a single operative.

For companies operating within the water and wastewater industry, Tripod Gantry provides the ideal solution and ensures that the 'work at height' regulation is being met.

Key Features

  1. Easy and quick to assemble.
  2. Conforms to the work at height regulation.
  3. Stable construction.
  4. Load can be moved without needing to pull the equipment from its centre of gravity.
  5. Operatives are safe and secure.

Simple Assembly

The tripod gantry is designed so that it can be erected safely by one person. It is designed to be stable even during assembly and is easy and simple to erect with no heavy parts or awkward bolts.

Slide in locking pins

The majority of the locking and adjustment points on the Tripod Gantry frame contain a sleeved hole for ease of use, allowing the fold down locking pin to slide in easily.


Man Riding Fall Arrest
Load Trolley
Man riding pointThe Tripod Gantry has a single man riding point located under the main beam, which slides over the open area ensuring that it does not limit the movement of the
Fall ArrestTwo fall arrest points are located on the main beam and provide a stable point for operatives. It can utilise an inertia type fall arrestor device, which is available as an accessory. Load TrolleyThe sliding trolley allows the operative to slide the pump to a safe working area to the side of the opening in the ground. This fully conforms to the latest lifting regulations and ensures the safety of the operative by eliminating the need to pull the load away from its centre of gravity.
Level Adjustment
Adjustable Size 
Level AdjustmentA built in spirit level helps the operative ensure that the Tripod Gantry frame is level before use. Adjustable SizeBoth the height of the legs and the length of the beam can be adjusted. This allows the operative to increase or decrease the size of the footprint dependant on the space available to work.
Each Tripod Gantry leg has 15 height adjustment points. This provides the operative greater versatility for both creating a stable frame on uneven ground and also for the removal of taller loads from the open sump.
Height range = 1475mm - 2160mm
Width range = 2240mm - 2560mm
Depth range = 1000mm - 1500mm


A range of accessories are available to enhance the operational effectiveness.

Transport Trolley Spreader Beam and Keys
Load Locking Pin
A simple and easy way to transport and store your Tripod Gantry. The trolley also allows the safe transport of the load to the operators van should the need arise to remove the load from site.

Transport Trolley

This unique accessory allows the easy removal of manhole covers and other access points. A range of keys are supplied, which simply connect to the cover via the spreader beam. The Tripod Gantry is  then used to safely lift the cover up and away from the open access point in the ground. Beam includes 3 sets of 2 keys for removing 3 types of cover i.e. man-hole covers. etc..

Spreader Beam

The load locking pin allows the operator to simply lock the trolley into place hrough a simple twist and click mechanism. Comes in a set of two. Included with every Tripod Gantry.

Load Locking Pin

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