Pulley Sheaves

Quick Ref: CN-1397

Pulley sheaves otherwise known as pulley wheels are used for deflecting the direction of a steel wire rope or a synthetic rope; to change the direction that the rope travels usually between the hoist and the hook meaning that the wire rope path can be located in a safe area. Sheaves are also used with steel wire ropes reeved back and forth to increase the capacity or safe working load of the lifting equipment. Sheaves are available to suit all wire line sizes and can be supplied with many bearing types, either both a plain bore (no bearing) or with centre bronze bush bearing or needle roller bearings. Other options include common bore pulley sheaves, tapered bearing type pulleys, and many options of sheave that are integrated into housing. Sheaved supplied mounted in to a housing are often known as lead blocks and can be bolted to the anchorage surface, welded or fixed by a shackle. Some lead blocks can swivel and other rotate to the direction of the load. We offer sheaves from top level reputable manufacturers including McKissick, Crosby, Pfaff, and Western with options for fast speed operation by a powered hoist or winch (electric chain hoist / pneumatic pulling winch) or slow line speed as would be the case with a hand operated hoist or hand winch. LiftingSafety also manufacture special sheaves to our customers' requirements so please contact us with your enquiry. 

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