Crosby Western Pulley Sheaves

Quick Ref: CN-1857


Western Vertical Lead Blocks.

These blocks are available painted or galvanized and are fitted with steel sheaves as standard. Every unit is supplied self lubricated and bronze brushed.

Western Horizontal Lead Blocks.

This unit is available painted or galvanized, fitted as standard with steel sheaves, self lubricated and bronze bushed.

Western Hinged Lead Blocks, available as painted or galvanised units.

These lead blocks have self-lubricated bronze bearings. They are available painted or galvanized. The base plates are not drilled.


Western Diamond & Oval Pattern Regular Wire Rope Blocks.

Rope blocks with laser cut painted side plates (these can be furnished as galvanized upon request). Complete with grade 5 bolts secured with lock washers and staked nuts. All sizes of the block feature bronze brushed steel sheaves with larger bearing diameter for extended. New style hanger for fitting attachment; available with hanger only (no fitting).

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