Lifting & Rigging Swivels - Eye, Hook & Shackle

Quick Ref: CN-1394

Load Swivels are a piece of lifting equipment that adjusts to the movement of the load to avoid putting stress on either the lifting equipment or on the support structure. Swivels come as standard with options end fittings including hooks, jaws, eyes or shackles dependant on our customers application. We offer many different types of swivel as standard though the majority are made by Crosby, a top quality manufacturer; they include contact angular swivels, tapered bearing swivels and chain swivels. We can also supply specials, bespoke swivels to our customer’s specification, size and safe working load up to 1000 tonne capacity, including swivels made from stainless steel. Please feel free to contact our sales team who will assist with any enquiries and quote accordingly. 

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