Stacker Trucks, Materials Lifts, Manual and Electric

Quick Ref: CN-243
We stock a full range of stacker trucks, with economy alternatives and high quality units.

Stacker trucks are similar in design, operation and visually to hand pallet trucks, the key difference being the ability of a stacker truck to raise the load to a greater height. For user operation we offer pedestrian manoeuvred or with power travel and with materials lifting options as manual (no power) or battery lifting. There are many options in our online stacker catalogue offering height of lift and safe working load to meet with our customers’ requirements. Manual and electric stacker trucks can be supplied with forks or a load platform with the load lifted by a manual hydraulic hand pump or with a wire rope winch. Stacker trucks traditionally have forward facing stability legs which reduce the need for counter weight though we can also supply special bespoke manufactured counterbalanced stacker trucks. Forward facing stability legs also have the advance of making a stacker truck lighter and therefore easier to manually manoeuvre. 

Generally stacker truck are available up to 1500kg, thereafter a fork truck would be more suitable. We also offer on-line work positioners, there are items of lifting equipment used as a manual handing air, they tend to be relatively low capacity and are sold here at LiftingSafety as manual and battery powered lifting though all are pedestrian manoeuvred. 

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