Synthetic Height Safety Fall Arrest Rope and Anchorage Lines

Quick Ref: CN-1015
We supply Height Safety Ropes from the Miller, Protecta and SALA Ranges, at discounts of up to 15%, for on-line purchase.

Various rope for working at height applications equipment including Anchorage Lines for fall arrest applications such as rope guided fall arrestors and different types of ropes for rescue from height and general rope access/man-riding. We offer ropes in lengths up to 200 metres long with plain ends (no end fittings or karabiners) and ropes on pre-made lengths from 5 metres upwards complete with fitted thimble eye ends, Karabiner connectors and weighted ends.

  • Different diameters of ropes for working at height, 10.5mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13.5mm and 14mm
  • Option standard lengths, 5 metre, 10 metre, 15 metre, 20 metre, 30 metre, 40 metre, 50 metre, 60 metre etc. or bespoke lengths.
  • Low stretch rope, static braided rope, twisted 3 strand rope, tree surgery rope, polyamide rope, nylon rope, anchor lines, restraint ropes, synthetic ropes.

We at LiftingSafety offer quality ropes for working at heights applications from quality height safety manufacturers; Miller, Sala, Troll, Protecta, Titan, Sperian, Tractel and others.

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