Load Restraint Equipment. Cargo Restraint Ratchet Strap, Load Binders

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A comprehensive range of cargo restraint and lashing equipment and systems for road and rail haulage

Load restraint equipment us used to tie down equipment stopping it from moving. Load restraint and cargo restraint products are not lifting equipment and cannot be used for lifting application under any circumstances. Items need restraining from movement when being transported between locations for example road and rail freight. If the cargo is not restrained it could easily cause an accident falling from the vehicle or train. The products fall into two categories, cargo restraint ratchet straps and load binders, both are available in different sizes , capacities and lengths to suit our customers applications. Ratchet straps have a steel ratchet handle with a polyester webbing sling. Single part ratchet straps have the long webbing sling fitted permanently to the ratchet. 2 part ratchet straps have a separate web sling with end fittings. The web sling can be supplied with different end fittings dependant on our customer's applications, usually hook or eye or buckle (many types). We also supply cam buckle restraint straps, lorry straps, one way straps and stainless steel cargo restraint latchet straps. Load binders are to achieve exactly the same function as ratchet straps. 

They are totally made from steel using a chain sling with grab hook as opposed to a webbing sling. There are differing styles available, ratchet load binders and lever action load binders. these are used in applications where items with shape edge's or abrasive surfaced need to be restrained; surfaces that would damage or cut a polyester sling ratchet load binder and can be supplied in different configurations with a hook or eye termination or with a permanently fitted restraint chain fitted.


Cargo Restraint Ratchet Straps for Load Restraint

A variety of single part and two part ratchet straps / lashings, available in various standard or custom lengths and a small choice of capacities.

Cargo Restraint Ratchet Straps for Load Restraint

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