Fall Arrest, Man-riding & Rescue Tripods & Quadpods

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Custom Made and Off-the-Shelf Tripods and Quadpods for various man-riding, working at height and rescue applications, supplied to you at very low prices!

Height safety Tripods and Quadpods are used for confined space entry and egress including rescue from height applications. Tripods have three leg and Quadpods four, both are made from lightweight aluminium so that they can be easily transported between locations and quickly set-up ready for use. The right choice of equipment to be used on the tripod / Quadpod depends on what the user needs to achieve. We offer a many products including man-riding winches for lifting persons, inertia reels for arresting a fall, retriever blocks for arresting the fall then rescuing afterwards. We also offer with auto descenders used to automatically rescue the casualty should they fall. Many customers need assistance in choosing the most appropriate equipment, please feel free to contact us at any time. 

Tripods, Quadpods and Gantries in this category are for people working at height or for confined space access/egress and for rescue from height. A tripod has three legs and tends to be used in mainstream applications; a Quadpod has 4 legs and is mainly used by rescue services, civil rescue, mountain rescue, armed forces etc. Basically more specialised applications. A Gantry gives a greater working area with adjustable height and width. All options are EN795 class B certified portable anchorage devices made from lightweight aluminium or carbon steel.

We offer a selection of Tripods from quality manufacturers like Miller, Sala and Protecta to suit most working at height and confined space and rescue applications (Man-riding, fall arrest and rescue) with different physical sizes (width and height) and budgets.


Man-Riding and Rescue Tripods

An extensive range of tripods which have been specifically designed for rescue and/or man-riding applications.

Man-Riding and Rescue Tripods

A key factor in choosing the right tripod or quadpod system is making sure that the right ancillary equipment is available to safely perform the users required task. All our tripods offer a great selection of accessories like man-riding winch, fall arrest inertia reel and retrieval/rescue winches though this equipment is not interchangeable between tripods and the features vary from different manufacturers.

Quadpods are mainly used by search and rescue teams and are commonly used in conjunction with a self-tailing winch (capstan winch); Tripods tend to be the choice for heavy industry, both are height adjustable with telescopic legs suitable for uneven ground, CE certified, portable, lightweight, easy and quick to set-up/pack away, have auxiliary anchorage points, and are compact for storage and transport.

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