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LiftingSafety "Electric Powered Lifting" Man-Riding Tripod. Lightweight Aluminium Construction (when compared to a Steel equivalent) with Fall Protection and Rescue Options.

Model:  SELS Tripod / T-3264

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Manriding Tirak
Bosuns Chair Suspension Seat
 Man Riding Tripod
 Man Ridng Tirak
Bosuns Chair
Silo Configuration
Manriding Hoist Motor Type
Motor Power (kW) / Speed (m/min)
Optional Extras
 Overload Alarm
 Hand winch for lifting materials

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Tripod system for use with manriding electric / compressed air or manual wire rope hoists. (SWL 500kg for materials only)

Dimensional Drawing

Aluminium Tripod with safe working loads of 136kg for man-riding applications and 500kg capacity when used for lifting materials.A materials hoist must be requested as the man riding and rescue hoists cannot be used for lifting materials. Perfect for use in silos or other areas of confined or limited access. The man-riding system comes with electric or air powered access and egress for effortless working heights of up to 60 metres. We supply this system with a 3 phase (415 volt) as fast or medium speed of lift  or as 230 / 110 volt single phase. We also offer options pneumatic motors when an electric power supply is not available.

All powered man riding tripods are supplied with a fall arrest inertia reel with integrated retrieval winch. This provides independent fall arrest protection in case there is a failure of the lifting hoist, secondly it also provides a rescue plan - a means of rescuing the casualty after arresting a fall or in the event of a power failure.

The electric lifting hoist is fully certified for man-riding applications and has a number of unique safety features including:

  • Top and bottom limit switches
  • Self contained automatic rope reeler (no handling or tangling issues, less chance of accidental damaged.
  • Manual emergency descent system to lower the casualty in the event of an emergency / power failure
  • Overload alarm that can be factory set to sound / warn at a capacity chosen by the client (only on eclectic hoist)
  • Pendant control with 'dead man' operation
  • Emergency manual lifting and lowering handle.
  • Choice of electric power supply or use with compressed air.

System Setup

  • Aluminium tripod with brackets for powered hoist and inertia reel.
  • Very robust / strong tripod which was originally designed to lift 1000kg, modified and de-rated for man-riding
  • Height adjustable light weight alloy tripod, height varies from 1.7 to 3.2 metre. Reduces to 2000mm when collapsed for transportation.
  • Electric Hoist with 40m / 60m wire rope,  wire rope reeler, pendant control (see hoist features).
  • 40m / 60m Inertia reel / emergency rescue hoist.
  • Bosuns chair / suspension seat

Overload Alarm

  • Overload alarm. The overload is factory as an audible warning to the operator of the hoist that the user may have become accidental caught and therefore not to continue hoisting. Please note: this is not available on the pneumatic version.

Hoist Features

  • Hand Crank for emergency operating due to power failure.
  • Free running wire rope reeler.
  • End limit switch
  • Working load limit of 136kg for man-riding (500kg for materials)
  • 40 metre Non-rotating wire rope Ø 8mm, 60 metre version available on request.
  • 110v single phase, 230v single phase, 415v three phase electric or pneumatic (air powered) options.
  • 48v Pendent Control with Up/Down and emergency stop, 3m cable.

***Overload alarm available on request.

Hoist Details

Capacity (kg) Speed (m/min) Motor Wire Rope
Type kW Dia. (mm) Length (m)
136 8.5 / 17 3 Phase 0.45 / 0.9 8 40 or 60
136 8.5 Single Phase 0.45 8 40 or 60

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