Fork Mounted Jib and Hook Attachments

Quick Ref: CN-230
Jib and Hook Attachments at a Brilliant Price, See products below for further information!

A fork mounted jib or hook is generally used when it is required to lift the load from the top rather than lifting from below the load, for example where the fork times cannot fit under the load. There are a wide range of jibs and hooks available from low profile to high profile which are useful if you need to lift that little bit higher, also available are telescopic and extendable fork mounted jibs which can add extra reach when needed and be compacted/retracted when not, saving storage space. Our jibs are available as carriage mounted or fork mounted dependant on the lifting application which you require the jib for. Single tine hooks maybe also be a very useful piece of kit which can slide and lock onto a fork tine turning it into a lifting hook, which is easily removed when not needed.

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