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Carriage Mounted Telescopic Extender Jib. Telescopic Action By Hydraulic Ram - Range From 210kg to 4000kg

Model:  HTJ-614

Part N° Truck Capacity Carriage Class Length Weight (kg) Guide Price Quantity
614-T12282 2000kg 2 1250mm to 2000mm 180 £  1830.00
614-T12283 2500kg 2 1250mm to 2000mm 190 £  1885.00
614-T12284 3000kg 3 1250mm to 2000mm 200 £  1920.00
614-T12285 3500kg 3 1250mm to 2000mm 215 £  2080.00
614-T12286 4000kg 3 1250mm to 2000mm 221 £  2150.00
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Hydraulic Telescopic Jib.

Hydraulic Telescopic Jib up to 2 MetreCarriage Mounted Jibs are ideal for use when the fork truck is predominantly or dedicated for handling un-palletised long loads such as scaffolding poles & bundles of wood. Models are available to suit trucks up to 8000Kg capacity. Carriage mounting allows the load to be slung much closer to the mast as no forks are fitted. Our simple to fit Carriage mountings hang over the existing truck carriage, bolt on bottom blocks clasp the bottom of the carriage. Quick Release Pin retained bottom hangers are also available as an extra to make fitting quicker if the crane jib needs to be removed frequently.


This Model of Carriage Mounted Extender Jib is fitted with a hydraulic cylinder to enable the telescopic inner beam to be positioned with ease without the need for the forklift operator to leave his seat. The inner beam can be positioned infinitely between 1250mm - 2000mm. Lifting points under the fixed section of the beam run from 500mm to 1000mm at 250mm increments. This Crane Jib is provided with two hooks and shackles thus allowing long loads to be slung at greater centres presenting superior stability of the load. Requires 1 double acting hydraulic service on the fork truck. Supplied without hoses. (Please note the beam cannot be operated under load)

Requires 1 double-acting hydraulic service on the fork truck.


  • Supplied without hoses.
  • Operated by means of a hydraulic cylinder this infinitely adjustable jib allows items to be lifted from in-accessible positions.

Jib Load Chart

Model Load Centre Capacity at 1250mm (kg) Load Centre Capacity at 1500mm (kg) Load Centre Capacity at 1750mm (kg) Load Centre Capacity at 2000mm (kg)
614-12282 900 720 580 500
614-12283 1100 1000 850 750
614-12284 1200 1100 900 840
614-12285 1500 1200 1000 900
614-12286 1600 1300 1100 1000

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