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Carriage Mounted "Carrimax Jib" Quick Fit Fork Lift Truck Attachment - Range From 560kg to 8000kg

Model:  CJ-613

Carrimax Jib
Fork Lift Truck Carriage Mounted Jib


Part N° Truck Capacity Carriage Class Weight kg Guide Price Quantity
613-T12326 5500kg 4 188 £  1870.00
613-T12327 6000kg 4 365 £  1945.00
613-T12328 6500kg 4 365 £  2040.00
613-T12329 7000kg 4 405 £  2140.00
613-T12330 8000kg 4 409 £  2235.00
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Carrimax Jib.

Fork Truck Carrimax Carriage Mounted Jib

Heavy duty construction, increased lift height, and high swinging load resistance, this Carrimax forklift jib (also referred to as a Swan Neck jib) is the ideal choice for heavy machinery moving and for the hire market.

Mounted directly to the carriage of the forklift truck, this carriage mounted jibs provide the solution to converting your lift truck into a dedicated lifting crane.

With a wide back plate to provide stability and help reduce load swing, the Carrimax forklift jib is perfect for heavy load handling.

  • Standard length 1750mm.
  • Carriage class 4.
  • Mounts directly onto truck carriage so forklift can be positioned closer to the load.
  • Increased lift height for ability to stack and de-stack to greater height, offering better space utilisation.
  • Jib rated to suit the capacity of the lift truck, reducing wear and tear on the lift truck and possibility of overloading.
  • Multiple hook positions for flexible load handling whilst reducing handling costs.
  • Long jib arm to reach otherwise inaccessible places (i.e. machinery motors), helping to reduce factory maintenance costs.
  • Wide carriage back plate to reduce sideways movement thus reducing damage from load swinging excessively.
  • 'CE' marked.



Part No. Truck Capacity Carriage Class Hook to Underside of Carriage (mm) Centre of Gravity Min. (mm) Weight (kg)
613-T12326 5500kg 4 898 495 188
613-T12327 6000kg 4 1185 386 365
613-T12328 6500kg 4 1185 386 365
613-T12329 7000kg 4 1185 345 405
613-T12330 8000kg 4 1185 342 409

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