Man-riding Hoists & Rescue Winches, Electric & Manual Operation

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A price discounted variety of Man-Riding Winches from the worlds leading height safety manufacturers and suppliers.

This category contains machines certified for lifting persons, either to gain access /egress or for casualty rescue applications after a fall. It is sometimes difficult to choose the best liftinghoist (winch) to suit an application, if in doubt please ask our technical staff for the best solution. Things to consider when choosing a man-riding winch are: application, anchorage point, fibre or steel rope, length of rope required, speed of lift required, duty factor (how often it will be used) physical size and weight, environment - please phone for help and assistance. Man-riding hoists are often referred to as a man-riding winch or a rescue winch though this is technically incorrect as a winch is for pulling applications and a hoist used for lifting. We offer man-riding hoists from many top quality fall arrest equipment manufacturers including Tractel, Miller, Yale, Ridgegear, Sala, Protecta and more.

Man-riding Hoists & Rescue Winches, Electric & Manual Operation

Tractel Man-Riding Hoists and Rescue Winches

Tractel offers a great selection of man-riding hoists with options for both electric powered and manual lifting operation. Manriding hoists are for lifting both people and systems carrying people. They are used to gain access or egress while working at height and also used for rescue application, either after a fall or emergency evacuation. The Tractel Tirak Electric man-riding wire rope hoists are available with many options including overload alarm, limit switches, cable coiling drums etc. Tractel manual man-riding and rescue hoists are available with steel wire rope and synthetic rope dependant on the user application. Please contact our sales team for information or advice.

Miller Man-Riding Hoists and Rescue Winches

The Miller man-riding hoist is designed with to be used in conjunction with the Miller Tripod man access system for lifting and lowering a person into a confined space though are also used as stand along manual operation wire rope man riding hoist. 

Yale Man-Riding Hoists and Rescue Winches

Yale manriding hoist options also include electric power operation and manual hand operated hand wire rope hoist. The new Yale MTrac endless electric winch is versatile and suitable for unlimited applications. The rope is not connected which makes it compact, lightweight and very easy to handle. The unrestricted wire rope lengths capability of the Yale M-Trac makes it possible to utilise unlimited lifting heights and traction lengths

Globestock Man-Riding Hoists and Rescue Winches


Our Globestock Hoist is unusual because it has a very long cable at 50 metre. It is primarily used on the Globestock tripod though can be used bolted to other structures to provide a mean to lift persons or for rescue applications. This is a 2 peed winch wit 200kg SWL.


Protecta Man-Riding Hoists and Rescue Winches

The Protecta manual hand winch has a 20 metre steel wire rope and is mainly  used on the Protecta tripod though can be used bolted to other structures for man riding and rescue applications.

Hoisting Machines (man-riding machines) for people are machines certified for lifting persons/people, either to gain access/egress or for casualty rescue applications after a fall. Manually operated, single phase / 3 phase electrical operation and pneumatic.

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