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LiftingSafety heavy duty counterbalance floor cranes are top quality manufactured in the UK to the highest quality standards to our customers specification in many different styles and suitable for many applications and industry sectors. Every counterbalanced floor crane is individually tested to 125% the SWL of the crane. They are a portable item of lifting equipment at provide a cantilever lifting hook forward from the front of the crane chassis where other lifting products are unsuitable. There is a wide choice of options available including power lift and power travel. The Counterbalanced crane design allows the operator freedom to work very close to machines or over obstructions that would not be possible with traditional floor cranes that use front stabilizing forward facing legs for stability.

These are truly portable Counterbalanced floor cranes and are used in many industries all over the world, they are suitable for heavy duty industrial or commercial use, Most are manufactured in the UK. Capacities are up to 2000kg. We offer special and bespoke designs available to customers specification (optional hook heights, jib heights/reach, body sizes, safe working loads etc...) and can supply our floor cranes with 'fork truck' style vertical lift mast, with pallet forks tynes, drum lifting/turning equipment. As well as being able to offer these cranes with anti-sparking features, we can now also offer with Atex certification.


Pivoting Arm Counterbalance Floor Cranes

Counterbalanced floor crane fitted with a hydraulic ram to raise and lower the load! This will raise / lower the load with a slight arc, for true vertical lift use the rigid arm version of the counterbalanced floor crane. As with all our floor cranes we can make to our customers spec, SWL, height reach and other unique features. Manual lift by a hand pump or battery operated hydraulic lifting. They can also be fitted with a hand winch mounted to the rear of the vertical column to raise the load. All our special counterbalanced floor cranes are top quality made here in the UK to our customers specificat

Pivoting Arm Counterbalance Floor Cranes

Rigid Arm Counterbalance Floor Cranes

Our Rigid Arm counterbalanced range of floor cranes are fitted with a hand operated or eclectic powered battery wire rope hoist. They are all bespoke, being made to our customers specification. This range of counterbalanced floor cranes are supplied with a rigid lifting arm arrangement. There is no hydraulic cylinder, instead we use a hand or battery hoist mounted to the rear of the vertical column to lift and lower the load. The big advantage being that the hook has true vertical travel all the way to the floor (or below for pumps etc)Options include, Power lifting, Power travel, 30 degree rotation or 360 degree rotation with stabilizer. We offer modified for offshore use and with spark resistant features. There are too many features to list including our modular (Knock-Down) design though please click in to each individual product for a comprehensive list of all available features.

Rigid Arm Counterbalance Floor Cranes

Fork and Mast Type Counterbalance Cranes

This version of our portable counter weight floor crane incorporates the carriage of a fork truck with a telescopic jib arm of a crane or fork truck tines. This results in fantastic piece of workshop lifting equipment that can be tailored to our customers requirements. We offer many options of this crane with safe working loads up to 2000kg. The advantage of this type of lift is that the lift is true vertical, ie, there is no 'Ark' when the material is lifted or lowered making it easier to judge the best position for the lift; secondly, the hook will go much lower than our standard floor cranes and will raise as high as you need! all achievable because we will make each crane to your required maximum lifting height. he lifting action is similar to that of a fork lift truck. We have designed and manufactured a carriage to accept either fork tines or a Jib lifting arm. All our floor cranes are bespoke made to order and therefore we can offer a design service to meet customers individual requirements.

Fork and Mast Type Counterbalance Cranes

Other Counterbalance Floor Cranes

In this category we offer very unique floor cranes, some with long reach and very high lifting capability. LiftingSafety’s telescopic floor crane is the ability to provide a rigging solution in remote 'difficult to access' areas and environments due to is small, compact and very portable design. The crane enables a rigger to position the lifting hook 'above a lift' in very confined and tight working areas. We offer great versatility at a competitive price.. The mobile Mini jib crane was developed in collaboration with users to ensure that it is practical manual handling aid, approved by the Technical Control Board (TÜV) in Germany this is a top quality piece of lifting equipment as totally unique in its design. The crane features easy handling and increased work place safety through high quality products standard. These are just to fantastic examples for special counterweight floor cranes presently available.

Other Counterbalance Floor Cranes

General Information on our Counterbalance workshop floor cranes

Safety is paramount, our counterbalanced floor cranes meet all international safety standards, they are of a Robust construction, designed to last with many cranes still in service after more than 20 years. (All Welded construction for quality and strength).

  • All UK made models feature a heavy duty, double-action pump for fast action and are fitted with a safety relief valve to prevent overload with top quality hydraulics fitted with chrome plated piston rod on ram and pump that are also made in the UK (Precision built hydraulic ram and hand pump) or electric power pump.
  • UK manufactured cranes have been individually tested to 125% the SWL and supplied with a Test certificate / letter of conformity.
  • Special designs with anti sparking features for offshore use in ATEX controlled areas, from stainless steel for ultimate corrosion resistance or suitability for use in the pharmaceutical or food industry and painting can be to the customers specification.
  • To assist manual handling our floor cranes can be supplied with electric powered lift and counterbalance cranes with an articulating jib with 30 degree of slew (15 degrees either direction of centre).
  • Most of our counter weight floor cranes we can make from stainless steel for when corrosion resistance is required and with spark resistant features for potentially explosive atmospheres.
  • Being responsible for design and manufacture on most of our cranes means we offer special bespoke designs to help solve your manual issues; we can modify crane SWL (capacity) to suit your specification.

Counterbalanced floor Cranes can be supplied fully customisable which means if you need a special application floor crane and we don't already have one to suit, we can have one custom built to suit your specific purpose. Along with the cranes being fully customisable they are all also available in stainless steel and offshore painted.

There are a variety of other common features which can be supplied such as spark resistant, adjustable, winching devices, power travelling, fork truck and sling lifting point to mention a few.

A great deal of time and resources including design, development, manufacturing, testing and commissioning of our special / bespoke workshop cranes. All Special counterbalanced workshop cranes are CR marked and come complete with an EC Declaration of Conformity. We are committed to quality from concept to manufacture.

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