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Special Application Floor Cranes

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Examples of counterbalance floor cranes for different and unusual applications.

Counterbalanced workshop floor cranes are our speciality, we have what we commonly refer to as our standard range though rarely do our customers take these options without any modifications or enhancements; the reason being that they simply do not need to 'make do'.

Note: The pictures shown are our artists impression only and are only indicative of our capability. (for display purposes only) All cranes are made individually and the the design may be subject to change according to your required specification; the pictures are not to scale, general arrangement drawings will be issued for approval on receipt of your order.

We make all our cranes here in the UK and have the design and manufacturing expertise to either:

  • Offer a catalogue of additional features to a standard counterbalance floor crane.
  • Modify a standard crane to to meet your production or handling needs.
  • You can commission a one off, truly bespoke special crane to your specification to solve an unusual lifting requirement.

Below you will see some examples of our design and manufacturing capabilities; they are shown here purely to showcase our expertese and willingness to to be involved with you, our customers to provide you with a lifting solution using counterbalance floor cranes.

This is a true 'one off' design only suitable for it's intended application. It is actually fitted with a hydraulic ram with a gearbox fitted to the end of the ram. Counterbalance floor crane fitted with a hydraulic Telescopic jib arm, hand winch for lifting and vertical column height adjustment.
Extra Height Jib with powered telescopic jib and manual hydraulic lifting. Again a bespoke crane and only suitable for its intended application. Powered Lift with Special End Fittings for lifting and handling unusual, special or sensitive equipment.
Extra Long Jib Extension on this crane was needed for a one off special application. Extra Long Hydraulic Telescopic Arm
Floor Crane with Powered True Vertical Lift
True Vertical Lift using a vertical lifting action as used by fork lift trucks, height of lift can vary as can the arm reach; can be fitted with manual or electric powered lifting.
Counter balanced floor crane Pivoting Arm Counterbalance Workshop Crane
Our most popular style of Heavy-Duty Counterbalance Workshop Floor Cranes with capacities from 152kg to 2000kg. Stainless Steel option available.
Pivoting Arm Knock-down Counterbalance Crane
Knock-down Counterbalance with Pivot action lifting jib. The modular design means that the crane can be dismantled quickly and easily then reassembled in what may be otherwise a very difficult to get to area.
 Rigid Arm Counterbalance Floor Crane Rigid Arm Counterbalance Workshop Crane
Heavy-Duty Counterbalance Fixed Arm Workshop Floor Crane with options from 152kg to 2000kg SWL:Stainless Steel option are also available.
Power Lift Power Drive Counterbalance Floor Crane

Pivoting Arm Power Lift and / Or Power Travel Floor Crane
Floor crane with hydraulic  Power Lift (12v DC electric)and/or Travel Counterbalance Floor Cranes. Also available made from

Stainless Steel.

 Power Drive Counterbalance Floor Crane with Electric Winch Rigid Arm Power Lift and/or Travel Workshop Floor Crane
Fixed Arm Power Lift and/or Power Travel Counterbalance Floor Cranes. Stainless Steel Options.
Rigid Arm with Hand Hoist Rigid Arm Knock-down Counterbalance Crane
Fixed Arm Knock-down (dismantlable) Counter Balanced Floor Crane with hand winch (Hoisting). Stainless Steel Option can also be supplied for offshore used etc...
  Floor Crane with True Vertical Lift by hand winch
Vertical Lift counterbalance crane with Outriggers fitted, necessary  because the client needed a tall height of lift.
Counterbalanced Top Lift Drum Lifting & Handling (modified floor crane)
Top Lift Drum Crane. This is only one example of many that we make, all designs are specific to our customers drum requirement, height of lift, lifting / turning method etc...
This is a stainless steel version of our most common design of counterweight floor crane though we have the capability to manufacture any design of crane from stainless steel
  Counterbalanced Drum Lifting and Handling Crane
Drum Handler for the Nuclear industry where the customer needed manually controlled hydraulic clamping action.
Counterbalanced Drum Lifting, Turning, Handling (modified floor crane)
Drum lifting, turning and rotating to suit SWL's, heights and reach to our customers specification
Floor Crane with Fork Truck Style Mast Lifting Action
The hand Winch is used here on a floor crane to raises the jib and carriage, thus lifting the hook.
This illustration shows a rotating jib column fitted to our counterbalance crane gives increased versatility and maneuverability. The jib will articulate 15 degrees right or left of centre.
  Battery Powered Extra lifting Height Jib Arm fitted with a double telescopic hydraulic cylinder.

Counterweight Fork Truck - Pallet Truck (Modified floor crane)

Fork Truck Floor Crane. Height of lift and capacity to our customers specification, fork tynes are interchangeable with a lifting jib and other fork lift truck attachments to suit each individual application or request.

 Extra Tall Hand Winch Fixed Leg Floor Crane Extra Tall Hand Winch Fixed Leg Floor Crane  
Stainless Steel Rear Ram Crane
Stainless Steel Rear Hydraulic Ram Floor Crane
 Level Pin Arm Lowered Bottle Handler
 Level Pin Arm Horizontal Bottle Handler
Level Pin/Plate Floor Crane - Fully loweredLevel Pin/Plate Floor Crane - Half way raised  Level Pin/Plate Floor Crane - Fully raised This photo is to demonstrate our ability to provide a floor crane (inc counterbalance) with a pivoting arm where there is a table (or other attachment) fitted to the extremity of the arm that will automatically always be level and (in the horizontal position)
Heavy Duty Parallel Leg Floor Crane With Rotating Jib Arm and Counterbalance Up To 3000kg
360 Degree Slew Workshop Crane, Pivoting Arm, Rigid Arm.

Floor Cranes With Spark Resistant Features / Explosion proof.

For Floor cranes to be used in potentially explosive areas / atmospheres such as Zone 1 or 2, SELS can include any anti-sparking features that our customers specify - this will increase its anti-sparking properties and therefore make the crane more suitable for use in a potentially explosive environment!

SELS will not to take the responsibility of supplying our floor cranes described as 'spark proof' as this is ‘too broad’ a term. We believe that total compliance is probably impossible because of the mechanical operation and movement of a floor crane; i.e. we cannot offer a 100% guarantee that no part of the assembly is capable of generating a spark which could ignite a flame!  IE: SELS will supply / manufacture cranes with anti sparking features to our customer’s requirements though will not certified them as sparkproof / explosion proof. Our cranes have been successfully supplied to customers in the offshore Oil and Gas industry in the UK on this basis.

Crane Features

Below are some examples of different features that we can build in to most of our counterbalance floor and workshop maintenance cranes.

Our intention is that by showing all these features in a single location will firstly help demonstrate our design and manufacturing capabilities though also believe that it will assist potential users to selecting features for there own crane requirement that they would otherwise not have realised existed.

  Out riggers give extra stability during the lifting of goods or equipment making for a safer lift, especially for high lifts.

Lifting and Slinging Point can be fitted to all of our UK manufactured cranes so that the crane can be lifted using an overhead crane.
  Fork Truck lifting pockets are an option to be fitted to all of our cranes.
Outriggers and Swivel Castor's fitted with brakes and directional locks. Castor's are fitted to suit the customers environment, for example anti static for anti sparking or cast iron for heavy duty applications.
directional locking castors Directional locking castor's are shown here with a foot brake.
optional jacking feet
Jacking Feet are rarely necessary though may be suitable when lifting off uneven ground to level the counterbalance crane.
Telescopic vertical column gives adjustable to the jib height. Offshore paint spec
Paint finish suitable for offshore use or powder coated, we can supply the complete range of floor cranes with anti sparking features for use in ATEX, explosion proof areas; offshore oil and gas etc.
Awaiting Image
Auxiliary adjustable height lifting Hook
 Articulating Jib Crane Arm The Articulating Jib Arm will rotate 15° left or  right of centre, shown here for illustration purposes though can be fitted to most of our counterbalance floor cranes.
Adjustable Arm Rigid style of jib arm with hook height that can be adjusted with the diagonal tie bar
Adjustable Arm and Hand Hoist Rigid Arm jib fitted with a hand operated hoist, ideal when users need to be able to lift goods and equipment from below ground level
Jib Options Horizontal Jib Options - Fixed length with no adjustment, Manual adjustment or adjustable with a hydraulic cylinder.
Arm and Electric Hoist
Rigid Arm design with Electric Hoist giving infinite possibilities for lifting height, can be supplied with 12v DC battery lifting or mains 110v/ 240v / 415v.
  Power Drive (electric propulsion) can be fitted to any of our floor cranes (DC battery powered) Significantly increased the price though increases manoeuvrability, productivity and reduced manual handling issues.
Powered Lifting on the  pivoting style Jib arm Floor Crane. Hydraulic lift powered by a 12v DC power pack.
Horizontal Jib Arm The removable Jib Arm shown here is a feature that allows the user to fit different styles and lengths of jib, or simply allows the crane greater maneuverability when traveling between jobs.


Safety Instructions

General safety instructions for the safe use of floor cranes.
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