Hydraulic Workshop Presses

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Our comprehensive range of hydraulic presses, all at competitive prices! Discounts are available upon quotation.

In this category we offer a comprehensive range of manually operated hydraulic workshop presses, this means that the hydraulic circuit is controlled by a manual hand pump as apposed to an electrically driven hydraulic power pack.

Hand operated workshop presses are by far the most popular type that we sell/supply, this is due to two main factors; it is the cheaper option and also because some engineers believe they get 'A better feel' (better feedback), much the same as the manual clutch on a car as opposed to the automatic gearbox!

We offer top Quality UK manufactured hydraulically powered presses with safe working loads (SWL) up to 100 tonne as standard though we can manufacture hydraulic presses to much greater capacities and physical dimensions to suit individual customers specifications.

Floor Mounted hydraulic workshop press "Manual, Hand Pump" Operated

The range, features and excellent quality of the Electrically operated hydraulic workshop presses are almost identical to the the manually operated presses. The hydraulic powerpack is 3Ph as standard though we can supply with electrical specification to suit the customers requirements.

Electrically operated floor presses offer much greater speed which is particularly important in a production environment or in any circumstance where speed is important. Using an electric pump instead of a manual pump reduces or eliminates the possibility of personal injury or repetitive strain injury.

We at Liftingsafety offer extra heavy duty workshop presses for intense industrial use, they are made in the UK to the highest standards and can be manufactured to our customers specification, dimensions and capacity.

Floor Mounted Hydraulic Workshop Presses, "Electric Powerpack" Operated

A hydraulic bench press is shorter than a floor press and is operated from a workshop bench, all the options that we offer online are operated by a manual hand pump though we can supply with an electric power pack pump if required.

As standard we offer 12 or 15 tonne capacity though will manufacture to any capacity, contact us and we will provide a quotation.

Bench Presses, King-Ping Presses & Hydraulic 'C' Frame Press

Hydraulic Workshop presses - General information.

Our range of hydraulic workshop presses offer a superb standard range from 12 tonnes to 100 tonnes capacity with special capacities up to 500 tonne.
All the presses are excellent quality, suitable for heavy industrial use and not to be confused with lesser quality presses; they are totally manufactured in the England (UK).

Please see below for some of the design features on our Hydraulic workshop presses:

  • Work tables are raised and lowered by hand winches and press over 25 tonnes.
  • The Hydraulic circuit works at lower pressure to achieve long working life, spare parts and service kits are available.
  • The Hydraulic lifting / pushing rams / cylinders are fitted with stroke a resistor.
  • As a safety feature to prevent damage the Press hydraulics are are fitted with pressure release valves.
  • The press frame is made from heavy section steel and is a fully welded construction, not stitch welded as with inferior quality presses.
  • The Large 4in diameter pressure / load gauge is located for easy reading (on most models).
  • 12 Months Guarantee.
  • Many options to choose from; bench mounted, floor mounted, standard height, extra high, manual or electric pump, bespoke sizes, special V beds and custom specification dies and tools.
  • Precise guidance of the piston rod through a high quality self-lube bush gives first class pressing performance.
  • The cylinder is manufactured in the UK from top quality hydraulic tube and is all welded construction for quality and durability.
  • The hydraulic hand pump and ram are made from quality materials, giving excellent tolerance, reliability and very long working life.
  • Optional foot operated electrically operated pump for fast efficient pressing.
  • Fitted with long life hydraulic seals.
  • Standard paint finish or available galvanised corrosion resistant for offshore use.
  • This Proven design that has been manufactured for over 20 years and supplied to many 'Blue Chip' companies throughout the UK and world wide and into all industry sectors; power generation, car / vehicle production, garages and workshops of most national car distribution networks, offshore etc...

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