Lifting Jacks

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Sale discounts are available on our complete range of jacks and jacking equipment from multiple manufacturers.

LiftingSafety offer many types of lifting jack in our online catalogue in an attempt to offer a jacking / lifting equipment system to suit most jacking applications. All the jacks are manually operated with the lifting action being a mechanic ratchet jack or by a pressurized hydraulic system. Hydraulic lifting jacks have an integrated hand pump, mounted on to the jack body. Toe jacks are available in our online jacking catalogue with many different features including rotating body, optional toe heights and many choices for height of lift. Our Jack range is manufactured by quality / reputable lifting equipment manufacturers the likes of Yale, Tractel, Gunnebo and Pfaff (and more to be added shortly) at prices to suit most budgets. Lightweight aluminium jacks are available up to 100 tonne capacity with different stroke lengths. Some designed of toe jack allow the toe to be removed and with others the toe is a permanent part of the jack. Please be aware that most toe jacks have a reduced capacity when lifting off the toe; very few have 100% SWL when lifting off the toe. The purpose of the toe is to create a very low lifting point when a conventional jack is too tall to get under the load.

All the lifting hydraulic jacks use pressurised oil to raise the load by the user applying force on the jack handle. The handle is connected to an integrated (built-in ) pump. As more pressure is built up in the hydraulic circuit with repeated pumping of the handle the jack will extend in length of the cylinder, thus raising the load.

Hydraulic Lifting Jacks - Toe Jacks and Bottle Jacks, Handle operated

Mechanical jacks do not use hydraulics to lift the load, they use mechanics. examples are; Rack and Pinion, Ratchet jacks, Lifting Screw Jacks, Journal Jacks, Rack Jacks,Work gear Jacks, Spindle Support Jacks and Sluice gate Jacks, and of course all these jacks serve a different purpose, further technical details are available by clicking 'More Information' button. We offer a good range of capacities sizes and heights though if you are unsure about the most suitable jack simple contact our technical team for assistance.

Mechanical Lifting Jacks (Not Hydraulic), options to Lift from the Head and Toe

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