Yale Hydraulic Jacks - Hand Operated Toe Jacks and Bottle Jacks

Quick Ref: CN-1829

A Yale range of Lightweight Aluminium Hydraulic Jacks and Steerman Rotating Hydraulic Machine Jacks. we also offer the Yale Steerman Hydraulic Toe Jacks and Yale compact hydraulic fork lift truck jacks with a max height of 187mm with 140mm stroke. Lifting Safety also offers Yale Universal Bottle Jacks for less demanding lifting equipment applications


Lightweight Aluminium Hydraulic Jacks.

Yale lightweight alloy lifting jacks come with the optional toe, lifting strokes are 75 to 305mm.

Available in capacities of 6500kg, 10,000kg, 20,000kg, 30,000kg, 60,000kg, and 100,000kg.

Yale Universal Bottle Jacks.

Value for money from Yale, a reputable lifting equipment manufacturer. Features include SWL's from 2 to 50 tonnes and designed to be robust for long-life fitted with a pressure relief valve. Precise controlled lowering. An Additional screw extension is fitted to the piston (from 2 to 20 tonnes) for extra height if lift. They have a grooved saddle and large base plates for increased stability.

Steerman Hydraulic Toe Jacks, previously "HTJ"

Steerman hydraulic toe jacks are ideal when working in very confined spaces and they also have an extremely low toe height though the greatest feature is that these high quality toe jacks are rated 100% SWL on the toe (IE the same as on the head)

Capacity not reduced when lifting off the toe and often used for lifting and positioning of heavy machinery, fabricated steel structures and general engineering applications. A perfect compliment for use with Steerman skates.

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