Wire Rope Scaffold Hoists (Builders Hoists) & Accessories

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Scaffold hoists to suit most applications, can be a cost effective piece of lifting equipment, discounted prices online.

LiftingSafety Scaffold hoists all quality products and mostly manufactured by Imer in Italy, A premium scaffold hoist manufacturer. Scaffold hoists are a piece of lifting equipment that that are very versatile, they are used in many industries and offered at competitive prices. They provide lifting features that would be far more costly when designed into other hoist presently on offer in the market place. Scaffolding wire rope hoists are simply wire rope hoists that are designed to be used on construction sites for lifting building materials tools and equipment from the ground level to the working area above. Lifting equipment like scaffold hoists are also referred to as builders hoists; they as basically a wire rope lifting hoist that are suitable for outdoor use and usually supplied with a bracket and claps for attachment to a scaffolding or to a scaffold tower; the bracket will cantilever out from the scaffolding on a pivot arm that rotates to allow the load once raised to swing above the working platform. There are many different brackets and fixing methods including a counterweight gantry system, this is totally free standing scaffold tower and requires no fixings or fasteners. Builder’s wire rope lifting hoists are normally single phase 230v in the Europe and 110v single phase in the UK though we also offer 415v options that are usually for greater capacities. The lifting capacity for scaffold hoists varies from 100 – 500kg.

Scaffold / builders hoists tend to be fast lifting speeds in the region of 18 metre per minute and long heights of lift up to 100 metre. When looking for a suitable scaffold hoist the key features are HOL height of lift as you need to be able to reach your working platform from the floor. Lifting speed is important as long lifts take time and time costs money. Capacity, ensure you have adequate lifting capacity, get a greater capacity hoist than the weight needed to be lifted most of the time, it is generally accepted that the 80% rule is good practice; in other words order a hoist with 20% greater capacity than you are lifting most of the time. 

Some of these scaffold hoist accessories come as standard with some of the hoists that we sell online. Accessories are to make the lift easier, safer and sometimes they make a lift possible where otherwise it would not be. We offer Buckets for lifting tools and equipment etc, bucket carriers and scaffold wheel barrows. We also sell specialist anchorage points for creating a lift through a window or between two floors of a building. A counterbalanced scaffold gantry will give you a free standing independent lifting facility that will not need clamping to a structure or bolting to a floor.

Scaffold hoist Accessories

General information about our scaffold hoists

Our builders hoists come in different safe working loads up to 500kg though most of the options available are up to 250kg, the reason being that generally the scaffold will be put under a great deal of stress and subjected to massive turning moments when larger load are lifted.
A scaffold hoist is a piece of lifting equipment which generally uses a small swing jib arm that cantilevers out from the scaffolding, the load is then lifted and the arm then rotated and the load placed on the working platform.
Our Gantry hoists use a scaffold hoist to lift the load and are available at 300kg and 500kg capacity. Gantrys are free standing and not connected to the scaffolding, the arm/hoist will still cantilever over the edge of the working area though this us supported by counter weights/ballast weights
When choosing a builders hoist the main features to consider are the height of lift required, the speed of lift required, supply electric voltage 230v/110v 1Ph, 415v, reach of the scaffold arm, scaffold fixings.
All our hoists are CE certified though it is the responsibility of the user to ensure suitability of the scaffolding or support structure.

Online we also sell a full range of chain hoists which are more suitable for heavy industry. Other hoisting methods are: Lever operated; hand operated; electric; and pneumatic.

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