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LiftingSafety "Safety Pulley" Gin Wheel Pulley with Automatic Brake - 30m or 60m rope available.

Model:  SP-2676

Safety Pulley
Fitted with Pole and Scaffold Bracket
Safety Pulley Fitted to Swivelling Davit
Pulley Only Pulley and 26in Fixed Arm Pulley and 24in Swivel Arm
Arm Options
Rope Options

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Safety Pulley / Gin Wheel fitted with Automatic Brake at 50kg capacity.

The exclusive automatic braking system locks the lifted load as soon as the rope is released by the operator.

Safety pulley allows all the tasks normally done by the scaffolding erectors:

  • Lifting of loads
  • Lowering of loads
  • Lowering of the empty rope
  • Suitable for 18-20mm rope (MBS 250kg)
  • Pulley weight: 5kg (pulley only).

All without risk and with the added possibility to lock the load at any height to rest with heavy loads or high working heights.
Securpulley is the only pulley for building industry that conforms to the Safety requirements of the Machinery Directive ECC 89/392, as witnessed by the 'CE' mark.

Safety Regulations: an important and valuable base

During the design phase of the Securpulley Tornomeccanica followed the general safety requirements of the Machinery Directive (lifting machine shall not allow the loads to freely fall when the operator's action ceases) and the more detailed requirements of the European Standard prEN 13157 (Cranes safety - hand operated lifting devices).

These drafts, even though they are presently only a reference, nevertheless contain some concepts and definitions that proved very useful not only for the design but also to declare that Securpulley is in all respects a manually operated lifting machine.

More safety (according to prEN 13157)

The braking action is compulsory: and " shall be automatic when the operating force ceases, for the whole range of loads specified , whether the motion is lifting or lowering." (5.2.9)

The test loads are clearly specified by the Standard (400% of rated load for breakage test on sample, 150% for static test on each single unit). Securpulley conforms to these test requirements.

Securpulley conforms to the requirements of the machinery directive and is marked with the 'CE' mark: each unit is supplied with an Operating and Maintenance Instruction Book, the Conformity Declaration and the Load Test Certificate.

Dimensional Specifications

Safety Pulley

Dimensional Drawing

Davit Arm Options

  • Pulley with Fixed arm.
    • No Rope.
    • 30m Rope and Hook (15m Working Height).
    • 60m Rope and Hook (30m Working Height).
  • Pulley with Swivel arm.
    • No Rope.
    • 30m Rope and Hook (15m Working Height).
    • 60m Rope and Hook (30m Working Height).
Safety Pulley with Fixed arm anchorage pole, 26in reach Safety Pulley with swivelling Davit arm, 24in reach
Fixed Pole Davit Arm

Swivel Pole Davit Arm



Complete operations and user manual for the safety pulley
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