Fixed wheel Load Moving Skates

Quick Ref: CN-1351


Mechanical Jack Skates.

Mechanical Jack Skates are available in 1000kg capacity with min height of 12mm and max height of 12mm. Mechanical jack skates can lift the object from the floor easily. Use the handle bar to lift the object first and slide the jack underneath, then slide corner movers in accordingly.

Solid forged and maintenance free, fixed wheel load moving skates.

The components of load moving skates can be universally combined and are ideal for transport of medium, heavy loads of all kinds. The components can be used individually or adapted into load moving system. Yale LF Load Moving Skates with Fixed Wheels  are available in the following sizes - 1000kg, 2000kg, 2500kg, 3000kg, 6000kg.

Fixed Wheel Load Moving Skates.

Fixed Wheel Skates are available in the following sizes - 1000kg/4 rollers, 2000kg/8 rollers 2500kg/2 rollers 3000kg/4 rollers 6000kg/6 rollers. Shifting skates can be used wherever heavy objects have to be moved. The load can be lifted using either the roller crowbar or a jack, allowing the skates to be easily positioned.

Adjustable Rear Load Moving Skate Machinery

LiftingSafety LS Basic Load Moving Skates are available in the following sizes - 6t or 12t.

These three point loading systems comprise of a pair of adjustable rear skates. The heavy load moving systems are supplied ready-to-use.

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