Scissor Lift Tables

Quick Ref: CN-247
Choice of competitively priced mobile scissor action materials lifting tables with many options of SWL and size.

The scissor lift table is a manual handing aid and are offered online presented in two categories; as mobile scissor lift tables and static scissor lift tables (no moving / fixed). Castors are fitted to tables that need to be moved between jobs or used to move the load while loaded. Static scissor lifting tables are permanently left in place; they can be countersunk into the floor so that when retracted the table top is flush to the floor surface or free standing / bolted to a floor. Fixed scissor lift tables are much more stable and therefore better suited to greater height of lift and capacities. Fixed scissor lift tables are often used in production processes of as loading platforms. The key features of a scissor lift table are as follows; Capacity (The maximum weight that the table can safety lift). The table top dimensions (the size of the table needed to support the load / carry out the task). The height of lift needed (this refers to the maximum height as well as the minimum lowered height). Working environment is a consideration that should not be overlooked. (We can make lifting tables for outdoor use with corrosion protection such as galvanized or stainless steel construction as also used in the food manufacturing industries.)

Special consideration should be given to the function that the table is needed for; the design application will dictate the duty factor requirement and ensure a good working, long life. We offer Scissor lifting tables with special feature that may be needed for example: electric lift scissor tables, low height tables, “U” or “E” shaped tables, and working platform scissor lift tables. We also manufacture special bespoke lifting table and look forward to receiving your enquiry.

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