Beam Clamps

Quick Ref: CN-142
A range of beam clamps / RSJ girder suspension clamps to suit all requirements from a mix of manufacturers, priced for on-line sale.

A range of clamps that are designed to lift RSJ/I-beams (I / H profile) or that are to suspend from beam. It is important that the operation and user manual is understood and followed correctly to ensure that a clamp for suspending from a beam is not used to lift a beam. LiftingSafety only offer top quality beam clamps from reputable manufacturers. Many of these products are very similar with small feature differences which make them more suitable to particular operations. Offering a wide selection ensures our customers have a good choice in design, quality, price and stock availability.

A beam clamp is also commonly referred to as a girder clamp, they are designed to be used as a temporary means of fixing a lifting point to a beam or girder, generally a lightweight piece of equipment they can in most cases be easily transported around a work site for use in several different locations. We offer a wide range of clamps to suit a variety of beam sizes and dimensions in lots of different styles and safe working loads (SWL).

Beam Clamps

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