Crosby Beam Clamps. RSJ Girder Lifting and Suspension Clamps.

Crosby Beam Clamps. RSJ Girder Lifting and Suspension Clamps.
Quick Ref: CN-1335


Crosby Screw Lock Beam Clamp.

Multipurpose lifting clamp for steel beams. IPTK is suitable for application as a lifting clamp, tackle-eye clamp and as a lashing clamp. Load carrying capacity up to 15º from the centre line of the clamp. The IPTK clamp is fitted with a screwed spindle for attachment of the clamp to the beam.

Optional feature: special offshore version, model IPTKO (including 3.1 B certificate).

Also available: multipurpose beam clamp model IPTKW without hoisting eye; All other parts and functions of the IPTKW clamp are identical to those of the IPTK beam clamp.

The new Crosby ITPKU beam clamp with optional double locking devices.

The new and improved IPTKU beam clamp is not your "standard" beam clamp. It is the new standard. With an improved hinged hoisting eye that increases the loading angles and an optional new "Double locking Device", the versatility of the new IPTKU beam clamp makes it perfect for use as a temporary tackle eye for a beam, a lashing clamp or as a lifting clamp.

Features: Larger and hinged hoisting eye, up to 45° side loading & 15° cross loading, hexagon-head handle that allows easy opening and closing with wrench (pneumatic or electrical), frame can be galvanized, all parts of spindle are replaceable, reduced weight.

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