Rescue & Evacuation From Height Kits

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Kits for Casualty Rescue from Liftingsafety, Customisable to your needs, at a competitive cost.

Height Rescue Kits - Casualty Rescue Kits

All our Rescue Kits are designed to rescue a person left suspended after a fall from height, without the need for extensive training. Providing a fast efficient rescue - on average a rescue takes less than 10 minutes, all the casualty rescue kits can also be used for emergency evacuation (self rescue).

Our height safety rescue kits are designed to allow a rescue to be performed by a person or persons where rescue may not part of their usual job; for people who work at height using fall arrest systems rather than rope access equipment who do not have the confidence or expertise to perform a rescue while suspended from a rope. We offer rescue kits that allow the rescuer(s) to rescue the casualty without putting themselves in danger by having to descend to the casualty with abseiling kits that require rope access techniques.

More About Height Rescue and Kits

We offer ‘No Cut’ casualty rescue kits, which reduce the traumatic effect on a casualty when cutting there fall arrest lanyard to transfer to the rescue lifeline/rescuer. This also eliminates the possibility for mistakes.

Miller and Sala are our preferred manufacturers of rescue equipment because they provide top quality equipment and a professional approach to rescue from height.

Our rescue from height training courses are specifically designed for the kits that we will sell and can be tailored to suit your working environment. The New Miller SafEscape only requires minimal training though for other rescue kits we can provide the end user training and also a ‘Train the Trainer’ course which allows one or more of your employees to be provided adequate skills to cascade train within your organization
With our kits that are provided with an integrated winch and automatic descender, there is no need for the rescuer to use a rope based pulley system (rigging system) to rescue the casualty, providing a far less technical solution and eliminating tangling of ropes. Kits with and without an integrated system are available.

For persons working in a fall arrest situation the best casualty rescue kit should be simple to use, thus easy to remember the rescue procedure. These are the most practical kits for persons who occasionally work at height. Though these are not the cheapest they may be the safest.
The telescopic rescue pole makes it easy to connect remotely to the suspended person after a fall, even when they are unconscious. This means that the rescuer does not need to leave the working platform from where the casualty fell.

The height rescue kits are suited to most industries, for example construction sites, general engineering maintenance, window cleaning, aviation, offshore, scaffolding, overhead crane maintenance, steel erectors, tower cranes, telecommunications (telecoms), crane maintenance, mobile elevated working platforms, etc, etc.

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