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Miller "Casualty Pulley System" Rope Pulley System. 2 Metre Extended Length.

Model:  CPS-2163

Miller Casualty Pulley System
Guide Price £ 246.63  

Casualty Pulley System, Very compact and light weight.

  • Lightweight pulley system which enables the rescuer to clip the casualty to his own line and lift and transfer him either onto his system or onto a stretcher.
  • Maximum, Fully Extended Length: 2m.
  • Pulley, Ascender and Karabiners fit into a compact and strong Carrying Bag.
  • Weight: 1.2kg

What's the Difference?

Emergency Evacuation- the removal of a person from a hazardous situation to a place of safety. For example, a person stuck on the roof of a burning building, or an operator stuck in the cage of his man-up fork-lift in a warehouse

High access rescue- the safe recovery of a person who has fallen or is trapped as the result of an accident at height. This person may or may not be injured. For example, a telecommunications worker suspended by his fall arrest lanyard as the result of a fall, or a fallen mountaineer on a cliff face

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